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  1. Classified Wanted
    Just wondering if anyone on lockdown with time to tye flies would be willing to knock me a few up.I was going to try myself but cant get going like i used to and results are poor to say the least,and cant find anything apart from the usual tyings in the shops or online ridiculous prices.A few of...
  2. Prawn & Shrimp
    I was giveing a wooden shrimp like a devon minnows years ago I think they were made in ireland and been trying to find them online or if anyone knows if you can still get them or got pictures of them thanks
  3. Reels
    I have an old LTS X2 7/11 reel that I dropped and bent the handle so it now no longer attaches, I don't suppose anyone would know anywhere in the UK that I could get a replacement from as all I can find online so far is in the US? (doesn't have to be an original LTS handle just anything that'll...
  4. General Board
    Hi - I'm fairly OK caster and don't like the stripping of fishing a head and want to change to mid length line - some people online are very polarized that a full line fishes better - is this correct ?
  5. News & Features
    Come and fish some iconic salmon rivers in NE Scotland this year by bidding in our online auction to raise funds for Atlantic salmon conservation. Compete to catch the last salmon of the 2020 season on three salmon rivers- the Spey, the Findhorn, and a hidden gem- the Nairn. Or fish the...
  6. General Board
    Hi Guys is there anyone out there that can give me any info on the Dalmellington or Ness Glen angling clubs on Loch Doon .. Been looking online and asking locals at the loch without success , any help would be appreciated JimD
  7. General Board
    Looking for information on where to launch own boat on loch tay and where to source salmon permits is this possible not much online to help ?
  8. General Board
    What’s the best way of taking multiple rods on airways? Me and a friend are planning a trip to Sweden next year by air and would like to take 2 or 3 rods apiece. Been looking online at big rod tubes and the like but thought I’d ask you guys for any advice? Cheers!
  9. Reels
    Hi does anyone know if you can still source the spools for an S3? Have had a hunt online but the S3 seems to have been deleted from Vosseler history. Thanks Bigdog
  10. General Board
    Who owns the rights for fishing for sea trout does anyone know can't find anything online Thanks in advance
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    The internet is a particularly volatile place. Aggression has reached a pinnacle that some people are proposing a "National Day of Civility". Is this aggression giving us a glimpse of human nature, one in which we are, at our core, nasty, belligerent humans? The level of vitriol in the public...
  12. General Board
    record low no of members and lurkers on line just now What's Going On? Currently Active UsersCurrently Active Users There are currently 132 users online. 42 members and 90 guests Most users ever online was 1,295, 06-09-2017 at 06:57 PM. salarium, 5n9hussar, AlanT, Brian-DK, cairn...
  13. General Board
    Just checking the news online n came across this as the main story on the Scottish sun FISH farm bosses fear 50,000 salmon made a break for freedom through a hole in an underwater cage. The alarm was raised after a diver discovered burst netting at the Grieg Seafood operation at Loch Snizort...
  14. Trout Fishing
    Hi everyone, just a quick question reservoir mentioned above. Think its just outside Strathaven, Scotland. Anyway fished it for years from about age 4 or 5 up to a few years ago. Seen some stuff online about the club getting into financial difficulty and potentially having to fold. Can't find...
  15. General Board
    Just been looking at the Loop S1 Cross D/H 14' rod and the difference in prices between tackle dealers is amazing. One well known dealer online was asking 977.00 plus 20 p&p. The lowest price I could find again online was 819.00 (and prepared to haggle on price to get the sale when I phoned...
  16. General Board
    SOS's recently started post re fish pal catches and their effect on bookings reminded of a question I've been meaning to put out there for a while. For those around long enough pre the 'digital age', do you find that sometimes you fish less as you can just flick online and check the state of...
  17. Classified Wanted
    Hi lads, Missed all the offers that were going online. I'm hoping someone managed to get one, tried it and wants to move it on. thanks
  18. General Board
    Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery For many it has been a poor season in 2014. A lot of theories are going around about what is likely to happen next year as a consequence. Some people think that the spring run will be much improved, while others think that we will have a better grilse run with...
  19. General Board
    Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery CHECK OUT the updated "Last cast feature" on the website using the link above. We describe a great day that we had on the the Tweedswood beat of the River Tweed recently. Hope you enjoy. Tight lines, Sandy & Sam
  20. General Board
    Scottish Salmon Fishing Surgery CHECK OUT the updated the "Top rod" feature on the website using the link above, where we look next week's salmon fishing prospects. We hope you enjoy. Tight lines, Sandy & Sam
1-20 of 32 Results