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  1. General Board
    We all love to see footage of salmon spawning, amateur or professional. Have you ever noticed that these are usually modest sized fish, occasionally twenty plus. No doubt these are the most accessible to film in the shallow water of headwaters or feeder streams. What about bigger fish, thirty or...
  2. General Board
    I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about all the issues the salmon is facing at present and i would like to know what others thought regarding reversing this trend of low runs and loss of back end runs. Now i know many different posters blame different things for the poor runs but i...
  3. General Board
    Seeing that the wet season has resumed in these parts are the salmon running in numbers giving any decent sport about
  4. General Board
    Their was an article on the numbers for successful spawning and par density on the river Tweed on here some time ago. Could someone give me the link to the article please. Thanks.
  5. General Board
    The morning edition of Country File had an interesting segment this morning, concerning flea treatments for pet animals and water quality. It said that when pets that have been treated are later showered, or go for a swim in the local river, the effects are quite significant. I cant remember...
  6. General Board
    Never heard of any lost salmon this season entering our rivers this season,but apparently they come back in greater numbers every second year
  7. General Board
    Surely the police have better things to do than investigate a seal rammy, way to much in a concentrated area with to much protection and no predators to keep the numbers down Disturbance of 1,000 seals at Forvie nature reserve investigated - BBC News
  8. Site Help and Suggestions
    Have you lost interest in quality and only bothered about reaping the rewards from advertising ? Have you not noticed the decline in numbers of photographs posted on here.....flies,rivers,dogs,landscapes etc Have you not read the posts on various threads about the difficulties some hitherto...
  9. General Board
    Anyone fished here? Any good? Good fly water, numbers of fish, accommodation, guides etc etc? Thanks
  10. Salt Water Fishing
    Anybody catching them? I'm to take nephew fishing and he's going to be bored if he doesn't catch anything are they in in numbers anywhere yet?
  11. General Board
    As we await sufficient rains to bring the fish in, perhaps a quiz may be of interest* We're often told that it is possible to return salmon numbers to historical levels, and some on here apparently downplay the impact human development may have on salmon abundance (smolt output), so I wondered...
  12. General Board
    There are many things in life that i would wish for but there are two things that come to the fore right now. (1) I would wish for the Salmon numbers to get back to the numbers that i grew up with and that when i go fishing there is a chance of catching a fish and taking one home if i so wished...
  13. General Board
    Of course I could Google things but this is a forum filled with folks who know the skinny on the fish counts on your rivers so I've ask. I see some threads referring to 'Counters' are these sonar counts or do you use weirs there? In my region of Alaska budget constraints have lowered us to just...
  14. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    An exclusive in todays Independent. Bit lengthy but worth a read. Although not salmon farming related, there are parallels with the damage caused by fish farms. The quote by the RSPB beggars belief when set against fish predation by an explosion in predators. Mike UK's favourite wildlife...
  15. Spinning
    Something a bit different to try in a 110. Looking forward to getting out on the water its been too long.
  16. General Board
    I have just heard the report by the river Dee trust on the second year of smolt tracking and by all accounts it seems that Gooseanders are doing more damage than originally thought. The loses for the smolts tagged in the Baddoch burn on the upper river were 70% mostly taking place from just...
  17. General Board
    It has been mentioned several times in other threads, that some anglers have felt, there are now, nothing like the numbers of parr in their local rivers, compared to years gone by. This has often been based on the numbers caught while trout fishing. At a recent meeting, one of the Tweed...
  18. General Board
    Tonight I happened upon some historical catch information relating to the River Don beat at Inverurie between 1974 - 1999, association water that it very dear to me, so i thought i would share. In drawing parallels to today, what a difference and what a shame. I have read on here arguments to...
  19. General Board
    Do the Soval AA do visitors permits, if so any contact numbers Cheers John
1-19 of 19 Results