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  1. Classified Sales
    Chance to get a few of these lures and have them painted to your own design. Limited quantities left so be quick £4 each and I have a small number of mounts to fit at 1.00 each. Postage at cost. A few samples already done.
  2. General Board
    All, I, as am sure many of you, have a number of days booked during the 2020 season and amounts to a considerable amount of money! Having queried the way forward on some of these rivers there are a number who are very kindly going to roll over the days to 2021 and for this I am very grateful...
  3. General Board
    This will start with the March issue. Sign of the times. Neither getting enough readers? Falling number of participants? Len
  4. General Board
    Anyone got a phone number for the shop? The number on the website appears to be for the mail order dept and not open at the weekend.
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    I believe I’m correct in saying that in the original a few strands of peacock Herl were tied in on top of the wing. However, I’ve seen a number of patterns where the Herl is tied in below the long black wing - presumably to give the relatively fragile wing some protection. As much of it is...
  6. Fly Rods
    item number 254056198925
  7. Rookies Corner
    On a number 11 spay cast line what should my nylon cast be.
  8. General Board
    The Findhorn Association will be releasing a small number of visitor season tickets for the season 2019. This has been done to offset the falling membership, its the first time in the clubs history that this has been done out with the IV36 postcode. The cost will be £300 per season which allows...
  9. Fly Tying Topics
    Does anyone know whether Mayo Flycraft is still trading from West Moors in Dorset, please? Cannot get any calls through to the number shown on the internet, nor can I find a website. Any help appreciated. Now made contact thanks to advice received here. Many thanks indeed. For anyone...
  10. General Board
    With a number of rivers moving into CAT1 from 3-2, wonder what changes there may be rules-wise to those rivers.
  11. Hunting & Shooting
    After reading a number of positive comments on the Meindl Dovre boots on here, I bought a pair and have to say that they have a great comfort fit and appear to be good quality. Now looking for recommendations for a good set of gaiters and would appreciate any comments. Cheers
  12. Classified Sales
  13. General Board
    Anyone got Shane’s number handy? I’ve tried messaging his Facebook but he hasn’t even looked at his messages! Any help appreciated
  14. English Rivers
    Going to be spending some time on all N Yorks rivers this season for migratory fish. Had a couple of sessions on the Ure last year for chub and barbel but witnessed many salmon moving. Hence my interest in all things migratory on this river. Please share experiences and knowledge. Sent from my...
  15. General Board
    It strikes me that we talk a lot about how long kit lasts. Boots, waders, jackets, lines etc. Generally in responses (like the current waders thread) we talk about duration... Ooo my x waders lasted 4 years. What makes more sense is the usage. The number of times used. I guess days (or at least...
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi I've tried to contact Sean Staunton's Francnsnelda outfit but the emails bounce back and I can't make payment on site. Anyone got a phone number they can share? Could well be my computer ... links often iffy. Best and thanks Jack
  17. General Board
    Draft Categorisations for Scottish river 2018 have been published Consultation and Application of Conservation Limits Number of Cat 1 rivers in 2018 down from 47 in 2016 to 21 Number of Cat 2 rivers in 2018 down from 48 to 27 Number of Cat 3 rivers in 2018 up from 73 to 123. NG
  18. General Board
    I brought a wading jacket that leaked terribly. The supplier asked me to send it back to have a look and consider what to do about it. They kindly provided a prepaid label to cover the postage costs. After 17 days the parcel has not arrived. I have a certificate of postage, but because I didn't...
  19. Classified Sales
    I have the above rod for sale, i have a 12' 6" number 6 and much prefer that. It was bought off a member on here and is in excellent condition, no marks i can see. £170 delivered before i put it on ebay. Thank you. The tube is still covered from when i bought it.
  20. Swap Shop
    I have a sage graphite 111, 13"6" number 7 i am offering for a swap. I bought it from a forum member, it is in fantastic condition. Model number is 7136-4. I already had a 3 pice sage graphite number 6, 12' 6" which i prefer. I am looking to see if anyone has a 12' to 12' 6" sage graphite in a...
1-20 of 23 Results