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  1. Picture Gallery
    This one from the Northie today. Isn't life good? ? ? ? ?
  2. General Board
    Due to being absolutely floored with the flu I'm unable to fish my rod on the northie tomorrow the upper beat on pert , if anyone is interested in the rod drop me a pm Arnold
  3. General Board
    With news of big fish about, i sped off at breakneck speed down the A96, clean draars pulled on the night before for speed in the morning, for a day rod on the Northie yesterday. Met the Ghillie, pleasantries exchanged with the other rods i then set off for the most appealing spot. Anticipation...
  4. Picture Gallery
    Not been out as much as I would have liked this year but here's a picture of my only fish so far
1-4 of 4 Results