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  1. General Board
    Hi, I am going to fish in Malselva from 7th of July till 18 of July. Does anyone can tell me something about the pools? Which pool should I choose and what kind of fly should I use? Better to use 13'6" #9 or 13'3" #7 ? Scandi with intermediate poly or deeper ? What is tphe normal water level...
  2. Reels
    Got three of these.. my no 1 reel has a ratchet winding in and letting line out... My no 2's have only a ratchet while winding in.... Is this normal or do they need sorting out
  3. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I decided to tie a few flamethrowers on some new to me Patriot size 8 singles to see how the hooks tie and whether I could do a decent job on the pattern. As it is not a fly i would normally use or tie I have a few questions. Is the shape ok and is it impacted by tying on a single? I have not...
  4. Hunting & Shooting
    Merle hasn't been right since she had suspected Lyme Disease last year - she gets out of breath really easily, doesn't have as much energy. I've been ignoring it in the hope that it will get better (she lost a lot of condition when she was ill, I assumed it was just a long slow recovery, as I...
  5. Classified Wanted
    Don’t mind if it’s the dry creek version or the normal fabric version. What you got? Cheers
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    It would appear that the average mobile phone user checks his or her phone every 12 minutes. Frighteningly this is not perceived as shocking but normal behaviour. Smacks of insecurity to me.:doh:
  7. General Board
    Do you buy these boots a size bigger or normal shoe size ?
  8. General Board
    As above. lots of fishers won't fish over Kippers and depending on how close to the spawning time, quite rightly too. However as the runs or some of the runs have entered rivers earlier that normal these will of course colour up within a few weeks. Now are these in a sense true Kippers that we...
  9. General Board
    With thoughts for many of us extending into the coming months' fishing, many on spate rivers, it seems for the first time in what seems like a good few years we have a series of low pressures rolling in off the Atlantic, bringing with them the wet stuff. I have (as ever, and very geekily) been...
  10. General Board
    If the big tube is off any use 227 gram tube,;);) same price of 4 normal tubes roughly :eek::D £31 posted McNett Aquasure Sealant 250ml Tube - Mike's Dive Store
1-10 of 10 Results