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  1. General Board
    It maybe the nice spring weather we’ve been having or the reduced levels of pollution at the moment but has anyone else noticed an increased level of fly life around? I’ve had swarms of hopper looking flys in my garden over the past week that I’ve never noticed before and while walking the dog...
  2. General Board
    Anybody got any opinions on the Orvis Battenkill spey series reel? Quite nice looking but not used or seen one in the flesh.....
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    Over the last 5 months I have used the Parcelforce Express 48 service to send a number of quite high value items of fishing gear. The service overall has been seriously underwhelming and I am not exactly sure what the 48 in Express 48 refers to. I have had parcels take 10 days to arrive. Some...
  4. River Tay
    I've cycled, walked,cycled again and walked again along the banks of the Tay at Dunkeld.....morning,noon and evening.....never seen a splash. But some nice trout rising where the gulls are feeding in the ripply water..
  5. Patterns for other species
    Nice tying out in the sunshine today
  6. Fly Tying Topics
    Picked up this bird from a local gamekeeper, it died overnight on him, nice wings on it think it would make great sedge flies, murroughs or green Peters, seems to be a very dark colour
  7. Picture Gallery
    A bit of fun for these sh!t times. Tried a bit of baking this morning and was astounded they turned out the way they should have and taste really nice.
  8. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Few nice tyings going on the now on the forum inspired me on to the vice last night.
  9. General Board
    ...but as all the posts in a thread are numbered, is there any need to copy the entire post which is often two screens worth of scrolling which include several pics just to add, "Very nice fly" ? Would it be more economical to just say "re. post *6, Very nice fly". (...dons asbestos suit for...
  10. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Playing around with feathers - tried to convert a ghillie to a ghillie Spey. Head is massive, 'boat' wing isn't the best but overall looks nice when wetted down. Tight lines for 2020, Patrick
  11. General Board
    Whats your favourite spinning rod and set up? I’m not a huge spinning fan and took up salmon fishing to catch big wild fish on a fly rod but a lot of the rivers I fish especially the big ones early season let you spin and I will give it a go for a wee while once I’ve been through my fly box...
  12. General Board
    nice wee vid I thought I'd share Just a fantastic short film about the Gaula salmon by Matt Hayes .
  13. News & Features
    Fishing for sea trout tonight and landed a nice grilse!
  14. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Nameless thing I tied up for a swim last week. I'd been looking at a bunch of Icelandic patterns for inspiration and replaced the bucktail with Icelandic sheep hair. It really puffs up in the water. Got a few nice tugs on it on a hard day of rising water and not a fish caught on the beat. I've...
  15. Picture Gallery
    A lovely stretch of water, perfect for fly and some nice pools. The water was perfect, a bit of height and nice visibility. Saw a couple of salmon jump and my mate lost a seatrout that was about 3 lb, which was very fresh and totally bright silver! I blanked, but it was not through lack of...
  16. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a nice loop reel for a 9wt, pm if anything to offer, thanks.
  17. Classified Sales
    Perhaps no good for salmon flies but here I have two really nice rooster saddles by Metz. One in claret and one in a nice orange. Perfect for trout flies including small dries etc. Sold
  18. Classified Wanted
    Folks, looking for 9ft #5 for the trout. Ideally after something a bit faster action....a Sage Or a Scott S4....something along that lines. Please pm if you have anything. Cash waiting for a nice condition rod.
  19. Picture Gallery
    Took a chance and had four hours fishing this morning on the Ure. River was dropping according to the levels and looked a great height. However visibility was very poor, being 6-8 inch. The upstream wind didn't help and a few places it was too bad to cast really. The wading is challenging due to...
  20. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    First tying in months and it shows but nice to get back to the vice.
1-20 of 87 Results