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  1. General Board
    Has the forum layout changed ,as mine is terrible. Tried to do a screen shot on the ipad but unable to. Got it back had to click on full site. Sewinfly
  2. General Board
    Please have a look at this thread.........BBC news Criminal what's going on in the oceans.........catching tonnes of herring, mackerel, sprat and sand eel to be turned into feed for chicken, pigs and salmon farming industry!!!!!! Choppy waters of Brexit threaten Danish fishing - BBC News
  3. English Rivers
    Any news from this lovely Northumbrian river which is sadly a shadow of its former self?
  4. General Board
    900,000 hours of human sewage and rainwater flow into UK rivers every year - revealed I know it has been observed and recognised before, but if you watch this section of tonight's Channel 4's news, you can see the EA officials appearing to apologise on behalf of the water Industry (and doing...
  5. News & Features
    BBC News report is here: Climate change: Wales' salmon population 'at risk' - BBC News
  6. River Tay
    Over on Spey Pages, the mantra is the Tay will be full C+R for the new season,apparently thats from the T.D.S.F. Board!. Any news from this side of the pond? Pedro.
  7. General Board
    Trudeau issues mandate to close BC netpen salmon farms by 2025 | Intrafish
  8. River Spey
    Hello everyone, Soon the departure for Grantown where I would fish the last week of September have news because on the site SAIA it is very skinny!
  9. General Board
    Fish farming are the cracks starting to appear A little bit of good news maybe ? Salmon farms in UK 'at serious risk' after closures due to environmental damage | The Independent
  10. General Board
    Thirty-three thousand trout escape into Loch Etive from fish farm | The Oban Times
  11. Scottish Rivers
    Any news on these rivers, following the rise in water?
  12. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    On the face of it this seems to be fantastic news. Kerry fish farm licence discontinued after probe
  13. River Spey
    SAIA,website news section seems to be dead since Jimmy Mitchel hung up his online boots , anyone know when there will be any news ? Am missing my usual Mitchel fix.
  14. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Just seen a news report from the Tweed on cormorant and goosander research which hopefully will provide some answers to the impact of these birds. Hopefully this is the link :- Cull to begin on cormorants and goosanders as Tweed salmon numbers continue to drop | Border Telegraph
  15. News & Features
    Beavers to become protected species in Scotland - BBC News
  16. English Rivers
    Good news for River Don in Sheffield. Salmon found in River Don at Sheffield - GOV.UK
  17. Scottish Rivers
    Anybody have the latest news on the River Allan...2019 Season .........
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Just wonder if anybody has any news from Dryfly? I see that he has not been here since November 12th! As there are discussions about salmon fishing in Russia going on on the site, I would have expected him to bring his knowledge forward, but nothing! Strange, hope everything is OK with...
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Orange Bono Alert In Place For Grafton Street - Waterford Whispers News
  20. River Dee
    In case anybody missed it the DSFB released this piece of news. A bit of a Curates Egg. River Dee
1-20 of 39 Results