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  1. General Board
    My lovely bride has come up with the fabulous idea of renting a cottage in Newfoundland for a week or so in July. Better still, she gave me the green light for a day - or maybe two, if I can negotiate skillfully - of salmon fishing. Having read the regulations, I know I will need a guide to...
  2. Canadian Rivers
    Hi Folks; I spent a few hours piecing together a little video of the river in my backyard. I think there are 4 forum members in it as well ;). Klops this is some of what you're in I think the boys averaged about 3-4 fish landed a day each for the season. I haven't done the actual...
  3. Canadian Rivers
    Good News All; So far it is shaping up to be an excellent season this year in Newfoundland. A distinguished salmon biologist explained to me a simple method for predicting how big a run will be on a river in any given year. Obviously it is not bullet-proof but in my 20 years experience it has...
1-3 of 3 Results