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  1. Other Tackle
    Apologies I know this is more for trout fishing, but has anyone tried one of these that fit on your wading belt - are they any good? I’m looking for something to hold a short handle Maclean’s weigh net
  2. Classified Sales
    Anyone needing one of these? Made redundant when I got a McLean net. Solid, dependable frame with several scratches from good use.:) Net needs renewed so looking for around £30 + postage. 24 inch long by 23 inch across.
  3. General Board
    Is it possible to buy a 24 inch hinged gye net. i much prefare the belt clip that attaches to the d ring on my jacket rather than the sling but anything i see is 20 inchs which is to small.
  4. General Board
    Potential extension to the Yorkshire and North East coastal sea trout netting season - Environment Agency - Citizen Space
  5. General Board
    Hi I would like your opinion on the best gye net that weighs the fish please. I remembered a thread on best net not that long ago and searched but couldn’t find it. I’m considering getting a new net to land all these massive fish I’m going to be catching next season :thumb: and had the use of...
  6. Classified Sales
    Handle - 30" Net - 20"×15" £40.00 Inc Postage ONO
  7. Classified Sales
    24" Soft Mesh Net £50.00 Inc Postage ONO
  8. Classified Sales
    Gye net for sale, great condition. 26" wide 30" long. 69" long from base of handle to the top of net (fully extended). Carry strap all good...£50 posted. Any more photo's required I will email, thank you!
  9. Classified Wanted
    Hi, I know a bit of a long shot, but I'm after a Whitlock net from around the mid 90s, which folds, extends and can be taken apart for travel. It's the black one in this picture: Mullock's Auctions - LANDING NETS: (2) Hardy Simplex folding alloy landing... Any ideas welcome!! Thanks, Oscar.
  10. Classified Wanted
    I'm looking for a Macleans Sea trout net if anyone has one that they're wanting to sell? Cheers, Chris.
  11. General Board
    Hi sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, I’ve got a gye net I’ll be selling and want to know if anyone has experience posting a gye net, ie postage costs thanks
  12. Classified Sales
    Wychwood 24" gye net with extending handle and carry strap, it has a few scratches etc , but overall in vg condition. Would most likely need to meet up as not really suitable for posting. Looking for £35.00 NET SOLD
  13. General Board
    I think I'm gonna have to buy a bigger net after last weeks netting fiasco. What's everyone's prefered nets?
  14. Picture Gallery
    Sooo.... Long story, but yesterday was my fifth trip to the Tyne. This time the North at Hesleyside. Well, actually the map on fishpal took us to the wrong beat, but it's all owned by the same bloke anyway so no harm done. I took one look at the river and i wasn't confident. Jesus, it was coming...
  15. General Board
    It's a situation we all envisage,but rarely meet. You're on your own. You hook a fish way too big for your net. You can't move position. There are no shallow areas to beach a fish. This was my predicament on Wednesday. You could say of my own making, and I couldn't argue. I normally carry a...
  16. General Board
    Yep, I know it’s a perennial problem but has anyone else had issues this year converting hook ups to fish hitting the net? I have hooked into 19 since the end of June landing 2. Usual average is land one for every 2 fish met, that includes everything from the customary handshake with a foot of...
  17. Classified Sales
    Net for sale as described with leather quick release strap. Good working condition. I have taken the fastnet mesh from my other gye net and fitted it to this. £30 best collected from Glasgow south side as it may not be so easy to pop in the post. Photos available on request.
  18. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    .Caught this Pink Salmon in the Foxford waters on shrimp fly ,not much fight just one strong run then into net .will give to IFI.
  19. General Board
    A wee landing net video from forth River Trust doing the rounds on Facebook worth a look. PLEASE SHARE - Do you use a landing net for salmon ? Conserving salmon is ever more important as we see a steady decline across Scotland. When fishing for salmon, it is important that when one is caught...
  20. General Board
    My McClean trout sized weigh net broke a few weeks ago when the bolt which holds the net assembly onto the handle sheared. It appeared to be a M2.5 bolt which I though would be simple to find but which turned out to be simply unavailable from the usual DIY / hardware shops. I had bought it from...
1-20 of 63 Results