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  1. Classified Wanted
    lookking for the above reel of anybody has one
  2. Classified Wanted
    Hi folks. As above I'm looking for a 10/11 intermediate shooting head. Anything considered, body only, integrated running line, multi tip. PM me if you have one to sell thanks. Chris
  3. Classified Sales
    I have for sale a Loop SDS multi tip kit. #9 Kit is the main floating line and the 3 tips supplied with the kit as well as 2 additional tips an intermediate and a slow sink. Kit without the 2 extra tips is £130 new. Perfect condition. I’m looking for £85 delivered. Cheers. SOLD
  4. General Board
    Are there any decent multi tip scandi fly lines out there? I am looking something which goes down to a sink 3 or sink 5, but with an interchangeable tip to change it to a full floater etc. I am not looking a Skagit Kit as I am not a fan of waterbourne anchor casts. So please! Any good scandi...
  5. Classified Sales
    I have a number of Monteith Multi main lines in 9/10 sinking and 10/11 floating. I bought them when Jock sold them off for the tips which I have long since distributed. Anyone interested, just add your own tips. £12 posted each line on original spool and box.
  6. Classified Sales
    I have 3 heads that I bought many years ago, stuck in a wallet and pretty much unused. One is a Rio Hover / Sink 1 Two is an Angling Active own brand F / 2 / 4 Three is what looks like a Guideline 2 / 4 Not going to be used now, converted to multi tips and integrated heads so off to a good home...
  7. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap a lightly used Hardy Mach multitip 10/11 with the 3 tip in wallet, lines spooled but no box Looking for either same line in 9/10 or a 9/10 multi tip shooting head / kit LINE GONE THANKS Cheers Steve
  8. Vendor Deals
    Guideline skagit 550 multi tip I have 4 vision ace shooting heads 37 grammes Floating /camo inter £15 each posted or £25 posted for both. Snowbee classic salmon fly line brand new 8/9 £20 posted. Guideline powertaper shooting head 9/10 £22.50 Posted.Same line in the 9/10 but S1/S2 format...
  9. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my GaelforceEqualizer Multi Tip 10/11 Shooting Head which has only been test cast. The Gaelforce 'Equalizer' EMT Multi Tip Shooting Heads with 5 interchangable tips in various densities have been specifically designed with versatility, perfect equalized balance, and efficiency...
  10. Classified Sales
    Guideline Reaction as above in good all-round condition This is the USA made model circa £1000 when new. Looking for £325 and I will throw in a Guideline mmd multi tip line to match the rod. Courier costs around £15.
  11. Classified Sales
    Loop multi 6/9 reel ideal for switch rod plus a spare spool,in as new condition,doesn't look like it's been used ( minted),comes with backing on reel and spool plus a 29g floating line.Price reduced to £120 inc p/p uk mainland.Pics available.A bargain for someone. Price reduced £120 Ono
  12. Classified Sales
    Mackenzie g2 9-10 42g shooting head multi tip - used a couple of times only. Head and 4 tips, think 3 tips unused. Can't find box - hence price £37 posted in uk - Offers
  13. General Board
    Hi guys is the loop multi silent drag or silent retrieve or just silent all the time , tnx
  14. Rookies Corner
    I apologise if this has been asked before - I may have missed it. I knew the answer to this but I'm beginning to doubt myself. With a multi tip lines, such as a Rio Skandi Versatip, do you use a polyleader or do you go straight to a length of tippet, or with a floating tip, a tapered leader...
  15. Classified Sales
    Loop multi reel and spool For Sale immaculate,looks new loop multi 6/9 reel and spare spool also immaculate plus loop pouches,no dinks scrapes or rash.Pics available on request ,absolute bargain at £150 inc.1st class next day delivery.jg
  16. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a Hardy Mach Multi Tip 9/10 line, not worried if comes with the tips as I have these already, stood on my line and took the coating off the core. cheers Steve SORTED THANKS
  17. Classified Wanted
    Wanted: Gaelforce Equalizer EEMT Extended Multi Tip Hi, I am looking for any Gaelforce Equalizer EEMT Extended Multi Tip in good working order, send a pm with what you have.
  18. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce EMT Multi Tip 9/10 40g Brand New in box etc complete with tips pouch n 5 x tips etc Not required, hence sale SOLD
  19. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce Equalizer Multi Tip Kit. ( EMT 9/10#, 40g). The head and one of the tips has been used for a couple of hours only. All other tips are new and unused.The head has been respooled, tips are in the wallet and all back in the original packaging. Looking for £75 posted or can meet up if...
1-19 of 55 Results