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  1. Picture Gallery
    Lucky to have the Male and Female Dippers feeding the young one's 200mts from house on The Moy Foxford .
  2. Other Videos
    .The Dipper on The Moy Foxford .
  3. Picture Gallery
    Like a summers day at the River Moy Foxford.
  4. Picture Gallery
    Ballylahan Bridge .
  5. Picture Gallery
    First Sunset over River Moy Foxford Co Mayo 1/1/20.
  6. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    After i received the figure from I.F.I. of 5,151 salmon caught on the Moy for 2019 , i then requested a breakdown of the figures .
  7. Picture Gallery
    ....After the storm a Quiet evening over the Moy .
  8. Picture Gallery
    .The River Moy Ballina ,water covered in white foam river rising.
  9. Picture Gallery
    The Moy has been rising and dropping for the past week with a peat stain ,very little fish showing .never was good in these conditions .
  10. Scottish Rivers
    Looking for good information on where the beat markers and parking are located. I found Ruthven and a sign for Freeburn fishings but don't know if Moy beats are further downstream and if appropriate signage and beat markers are in situ. Aware the estate road is not in good condition not helped...
  11. General Board
    .Had a Pink Salmon today on the Moy River Foxford ,took a shrimp fly .Made one screaming run then came in without ant further resistance ,will leave in to IFI .
  12. Picture Gallery
    .5.50 AM morning sun burning of the mist on the River Moy .
  13. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Would anyone have an idea how many salmon were caught annually at the salmon traps on the river Moy in Ballina or where I could find this information. Thanks.
  14. Picture Gallery
    A Misty calm flooded River Moy this afternoon in Foxford .
  15. General Board
    Found this on Facebook by "Toomore Healy". 3 hrs In season salmon were very scarce and rarely caught in the Moy in our area in my youth The reson for this was that various owners of stretches of the Moy to Ballina was owned by people mainly English gentlemen who had fishing rites attached to...
  16. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Hi Having surprisingly got a ticket for the Ridge Pool and Cathedral Pool for next weekend, and having not fished it before (dreamed about it for years though!), can I ask for some help from the Moy afficionados please:- - next weekend, what would your go to set up be, line, leader and fly? -...
  17. General Board
    The latest trend for catching Moy Salmon
1-20 of 24 Results