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  1. Skagit Lines
    Hey Guys, For any skagit work I have used I have mainly used Rio Intouch Level T material and cut it down to length and loop. However, I see rio now have out extra long mow tips in 15ft length for T11, T14 and T17. Are mows tapered? Or are they level straight through?
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Hunter industrial Waders Looking for some new waders just now. Has anyone tried these? Anyone recommend? Cheers Mows
  3. General Board
    Gents, Please be nice and vote in the tie of the year competition. These guys have done a great job all year inspiring us. At least have a look and pick your favourite one. Cheers Mows
  4. General Board
    Advice please; I'm fishing a decent beat on the Tweed at the end of April, weather not looking like it will warm up anytime soon, so I may need to look at a change in mY set up. Normally I don't really get going with the fly until it warms up in MAY, so generally fish a Rio AFS and tips to...
  5. General Board
    Five products you didn't know were harming the environment - BBC News Interesting article, that backs up some of seeking points 're population effects. Cheers Mows
  6. General Board
    English rivers polluted by powerful insecticides, first tests reveal | Environment | The Guardian Interesting article in the guardian. Cheers Mows
  7. Picture Gallery
    It is with some sense of saddness I post this. All the most industrious graphs in the world from Chris King cannot change what has happened here. I wish I could understand it. Once the most prolific spring beat in Scotland - yes even over Morphie before the **** collapsed. Mows and co I...
  8. General Board
    The Ultimate Salmon Fishing Experience: Scotland Norway and Russia Worth some thought Cheers Mows
  9. General Board
    Is anyone else having difficulty accessing the Farson cams? I have been unable to see for a couple of days. Cheers Mows
1-9 of 9 Results