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  1. Picture Gallery
    After a 12 hour nightshift last night I'm glad I still went to the river this morning and was rewarded with this cracking fish. It weighed about 12lb and I caught it on beat 8
  2. Picture Gallery
    My mate is in NZ at the moment and sent this picture this morning. Lucky so and so.
  3. General Board
    Hey Hope this is ok to post mods - remove if not no worries. So we set up a raffle page on facebook for fishing gear - from cheap and cheerful to very high end. If anyone wants to give it a like feel free - we go live with our first in the morning for a shiny new GR80 9' 5# Its a lot easier...
  4. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Up early this morning so went to play Calvin , few minor tweaks
  5. River Spey
    Our party fished Monday to Wednesday on Knockando. We arrived at the river Monday morning full of the usual anticipation, the river was at a good height, fish were showing as we were setting up, all looking good. We had a fish by lunchtime (about 12lb) which was great but it had been raining all...
  6. Picture Gallery
    One stuck this morning. Two more pulls came to nothing.
  7. Picture Gallery
    Another grilse from the Dee this morning.
  8. Picture Gallery
    Took a chance and had four hours fishing this morning on the Ure. River was dropping according to the levels and looked a great height. However visibility was very poor, being 6-8 inch. The upstream wind didn't help and a few places it was too bad to cast really. The wading is challenging due to...
  9. Scottish Rivers
    Up in Nairn for a few days at the end of next week and looking to fish the Findhorn on the forres angling club beat I will probably only fish morning and night so wont be able to fish the full beat, any pointers on pools to concentrate on flys to use etc any advice appreciated
  10. Classified Sales
    Greys grxi full bodied spey line test cast for half hour this morning to heavy for my rod. Looped at both ends. £20 posted
  11. Other Videos
    2 June 2019 - YouTube Took this morning.
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Morning all, Does anyone have any experience of Slovenia and reccomendations for guides? Many thanks
  13. General Board
    Morning All, Anyone know where I can get some chartreuse hen saddle? Many thanks, DS
  14. Picture Gallery
    Wattie strikes already.:) Well done to Stevie getting Pitlochry off the mark this morning. He'll take some catching now.:thumb::thumb:
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    A bit shocked this morning to phone the Doctor this morning and to be told the next available appointment is just short of three weeks away. I avoid going to the doctors if possible and (mainly due to very good fortune) only go approximately once a year. A friend of a friend was given a...
  16. General Board
    I saw this link today about Foyle River, Ireland smelts. I found it interesting that they would just show up in 1973 - if they were introduced by the government it doesn't say so - but their population has increased to what the article says is important levels. Essentially all of the New...
  17. General Board
    The morning edition of Country File had an interesting segment this morning, concerning flea treatments for pet animals and water quality. It said that when pets that have been treated are later showered, or go for a swim in the local river, the effects are quite significant. I cant remember...
  18. News & Features
    Up and at it early this morning by Jesus it was cold but cnt complain hooked 5 lost one all cock fish, safely released , not posting pic to offend anyone ,
  19. Classified Wanted
    Hardy 9000 CLS Morning Anybody have the above, in good condition, they'd like to part with? Thank you
1-20 of 40 Results