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  1. Methods and Tactics
    Is here anybody who use this shooting head? Do you use tapered polyleaders or only mono tippet with this head? Many thanks.
  2. Video Gallery
    Hello I am going to do some trolling this year and need advise on what tackle. I will be fishing on Faskally and Loch Tay mostly but probably on Loch Lomond as well. I have two Daiwa trolling reels and was wondering what kind of line to put on them? I have been told to use 25 lbs mono but that...
  3. Classified Sales
    Rio gripshooter mono running line 50lb,has a bit of wear on the outer coating of the loop but the mono core is unaffected £22 posted
  4. Rookies Corner
    On a number 11 spay cast line what should my nylon cast be.
  5. Running Lines
    Hi , i recently bought a couple of spools of this , the 50lb multicoloured one . I have heard it's a decent shooting line , mate of mine has used it in Canada and he says it's handled big kings up to 40lb with no problems at all . I'm a little unsure about the whipped on loops , it seems neatly...
  6. General Board
    Anyone using heavy mono as running line and if so what BS and make would you recommend also have there been any problems with it? ie tangling or kinking. Thanks in advance
  7. Spinning
    If spinning with braid is it necessary to have a mono leader.
  8. Lines
    I occasionally spin with flying C's in Ireland and I am wondering if anyone can recommend an excellent 12lb mono line. Thanks. Tony
  9. Spinning
    Hi. New to this site. I fish the Irvine and Ayr, spinning or worming, depending on the river state. I am looking at possibly swapping from Chameleon 12lb mono to braid. What’s everyone’s thoughts on braided line and Is there any recommendations for what line to buy?
  10. Trout Fishing
    Can someone please explain the difference between co polymer and fluorocarbon, im about to order some tapered leaders which are co polymer from hardy. Is it better than mono tapers for visibility? Thanks Al
  11. Spinning
    Newbie here, but wondered if expensive mono is necessary or will cheaper mono suffice?
  12. Lines
    Has anyone got any views on this mono shooting line. Cheers Sewinfly. ................
  13. General Board
    Hi.. just wondering what the best knot is when using Seaguar? Tubes and doubles. I've only used mono and blood knots in the past. Thanks
1-13 of 13 Results