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  1. Northern European Style Patterns
    Been having a play about with this style of fly. Sillen on top, silver cone as body. Monkey with a brass bead Silver Doctor also brass bead, 'rigged' with a free swinging tube.
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    The classic spring fly, particularly for clearer water. 13cm, tied on a 1" copper tube with arctic fox and foxy tails "pseudo monkey" wing
  3. Classified Sales
    This very last of my vintage colobus hair, the original sunray and monkey fly hair, it is impossible to buy at a reasonable price. £60 sold posted
  4. Northern European Style Patterns
    1/3 Monkey, 1/3 Bannana and 1/3 something almost banana?. - This has a large Gold Conehead body with a wee bit of litebrite, then just wings x 2 and hackle. - Frodin Turbodisc head.
  5. Northern European Style Patterns
    Very loose variation of the Dee Monkey. The wing is tied in flat rather than folded TempleDog style. It's mainly synthetic fur, great stuff for keeping big flies thin. Moves great in the water too. Big ostrich feather wrap to give a nice wiggle. Tungsten Cone with an extra head hackle and...
  6. Classified Sales
    I have one spare piece of very dense haired vintage monkey for sunrays skin size 12x 16cm huge piece price is £45 posted standard, for you monkey lover you know how cheap this is:)
  7. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    An alternative to the standard Yellow ready for next week.
  8. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Decided to have a wee meddle with this one. Went for the lighter blue body this time and changed the tungsten black cone for a lighter silver one. Also decided to thin the hackle down a bit. Lighter fly for a lower water I suppose. ? Won’t bore you all with anymore on the Monkey theme!! ?
  9. Classified Sales
    For sale some excess materials. 90 foxy tails bottle tubes. And 7 pieces of original monkey for dee monkey, off cuts weird shapes hence low price. 90 uk posted the hair is worth that on its own.
  10. Classified Sales
    9 x off cut original dee monkey material from a piece worth a£75 80 tungsten bottle tubes for monkey fly desidnged fir free swinging hook with plasric liner. 1 whiting genetic hen saddle silver doctor blue. 1 small whiting hen saddle hot orange in loose feathers that i was grading for size...
  11. Classified Sales
    SOLD HALF THE MATERIALS BASICALLY THE POLAR BEAR AND THE PIECE OF COLOBUS REMAIN AND MOST OF THE TUBES Tidying the bomb site today and found these monkey tying materials in a bag rare material but excess to my needs. 3 large pieces of super grade original black monkey. 3 small pieces original...
  12. Classified Sales
    SOLD THANKS Clearing out excess materials this lot would be ideal for a monkey mad tyer like me..i dont want to split as it all goes together Future fly blue. Black . Red and yellow gentic soft hackle patchs generic plastic bags. Mixed polar bear yellow and flame for umderwings. 2 off cuts of...
  13. Northern European Style Patterns
  14. Northern European Style Patterns
    A friend of mine is fishing Repparfjordelva and asked for a few flies. Basically, I tied what I'd fish myself. A green Highlander, a Monkey, Pikku Musta and a heavy Frances. (all variants) Tight lines, in case we get to see some decent rain...
  15. Fly Tying Topics
    What's the best substitute for monkey hair? Was thinking of buying some from a reliable source, then found out there may be "issues" with customs at the border, so whilst waiting on a reply from someone official like, I'm looking at alternative furs/hairs, so, what's my options?
  16. Northern European Style Patterns
  17. Northern European Style Patterns
    Not the best pics - but here's a go at alternative monkey style patterns - Dee Sheep (after looking at Rotenone's version - but on a bottle tube) and an orangey monkey. Free swing hook optional..will give it a go...maybe
  18. Northern European Style Patterns
    Chartreuse Monkey Bottles (sounds like something from Viz - Mickeys Monkey ***** moped!) I haven't tied on bottles for a while - these are 15mm Alu - ideally would have liked brass. The heads aren't great as I rode too close to the lip of the bottle - but they'll be fine. My preference is...
1-20 of 27 Results