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  1. Picture Gallery
    Few pictures from last weeks walk before our current restrictions. Beinn dubhchraig was our chosen hill just south of Tyndrum. First view of our hill. Put a link to a wee video above. Hope you get it. Cheers andy
  2. General Board
    For those who like the technicalities. Having read it the only conclusion I can make of it is. We need more money to fund further research.
  3. Vintage Fishing Tackle Classifieds
    Hi I am looking for MIESER highlander 13ft -14ft ..7/10 OR a13ft to14ft BURKENHIMER Spey rod I have these to trade hardy 15ft gem 15 ft sirrus new 14 ft b&w powerlite spey deluxe nearly new ( I have these to trade thanks.) or just a CASH DEAL cash waiting waiting thanks
  4. Spinning
    How good are they and are they worth the money? Anyone used them much?
  5. General Board
    The fact that we are members of a Salmon fishing forum says that at the very least we are all interested in fishing, but how much does fishing mean to you. (1) Is it just a past time, something to do when you are at a loose end. (2) Is it a hobby where you will spend a fair amount of time and...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Is anyone else getting fake, Martin Lewis Bitcoin adverts on this site. I'm not sure what it says about the owners of this site when they are taking money for fraudulent adds designed to fleece their members. Cheers Mows
  7. Classified Wanted
    Looking for an airflo rage head 480gr floater or as close as, must be In good condition Money waiting. Thanks D
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    The scale of the challenges faced by wild salmon should not be underestimated ... Keeping Salmon at the Top of the Menu: How to Maintain the High Demand What was it Bob said? Money doesn't talk, it screams.
  9. Site Help and Suggestions
    It is bad enough all the adverts and link suggestions, to things from your internet search. But now i am reading down a thread, and in between threads an advert is popping up, as if it was a thread, yes i understand they need to make money but keep it away from the content.of posts and threads...
  10. General Board
    I'm looking for a new jacket which non Simms wading jackets are worth a look, not silly money but must be waterproof Morphfly
  11. General Board
    Bywell beat £219 + vat per day Review Type Score by % Star rating Fishery Description 79% ★★★★ Banks & Paths 76% ★★★★ Hut/boats etc 84% ★★★★ Gillie Service 82% ★★★★ Gillie Knowledge 82% ★★★★ Value for money 62% ★★★ Overall (based on 29 reviews) 78%...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Good fight tonight, value for money.
  13. Rods
    Hi chaps im looking for some recommendations for a 9/10ft trout rod that has a extension with it. Im not looking to spend a lot of money around £100 would be fine? Thanks Al
  14. General Board
    Anyone ever made a payment to the wrong email address then cancelled it? I am wondering how long I have to wait to get my money refunded as PayPal are no help what so ever. Cheers Diarmid.
  15. Fishing Clothing
    Does anyone have one of the Imax arx -20 climate control suits? im wondering if they are any good and worth the money? Thanks Al
  16. Classified Wanted
    Hi looking for a pike fly rod or even better a full kit. Haven't fished for pike before with the flie so not really interested in paying big money incase i don't get on with it. Anything for sale at a reasonable price give me a pm. Cheers.
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Has anyone else entered into the Movember moustache growing in November to raise money for the Mens Health Charity, its been quite a good laugh in the local.
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    I've just read the latest soccer news and see the NUFC is up for sale..........about time. Let's hope they can attract someone who is prepared to put some real money into the club and persuade Benitez to stay and take them to new levels.
  19. General Board
    Has anyone read the above book and is it worth the money, just in case I put it on my santa list
  20. Classified Sales
    Removed from sale due to my marksman t snapping today :(
1-20 of 23 Results