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  1. Spinning
    Just received 11ft 6" rod from ebay , this is a 5 piece rod, states 4 piece on ebay ? maybe the shorter models 8/9ft are 4piece ? so the Cordura tubes fit all models ? These rods are up to £30 cheaper that big outlets, outlets charge for postage too, Great looking rod, bargain , now at £36-44p...
  2. Rods
    Anyone know if these remained 3 piece or if later models were made in 4 piece?
  3. Classified Wanted
    I'm on the look out for a Lamson salmon reel,all models considered SS
  4. Reels
    Never owned one of these, but thinking about it in the 10/11. I need a heavy reel to balance a 16' rod. How are the current models? Are they the same as the Mk111? Any of the older models preferred over the current version? Have always read they performed great. Any comments appreciated.
  5. Rookies Corner
    Good evening to all, as a good beginner I ask myself dozens of questions, including trying to mount a box of salmon flies called "type", I do not want to have a multitude of flies, but a selection of a dozen or fifteen models in different sizes depending on the season, the water levels and the...
  6. Classified Wanted
    I’m looking for a Loop or a Danielsson 4seven reel, either FW or LW. Would consider other models. Reel to be used on a 6wt trout rod
  7. Hardy
    Hi, I have a 14' Angel 2 which I love, have had for sometime now and have never had an issue with, but I am looking to buy a newer model. I cannot afford a Zephrus yet as they are current and still too expensive. This being said I am looking at maybe getting a Zenith, I can get a new one at a...
  8. General Board
    With so many Rod Manufacturers, competing each year for our money , with the New "In Rod" released each year , and older models discounted , not counting forums , u tube ,magazines etc , how do you decide on your rod purchase, . No doubt its a combination of research factors that leads to a new...
  9. Reels
    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Mk II and Mk III version apart from the Mk III was made in Korea? Was the Mk II also made in Korea or in England. Any other upgrades between the models? Any help appreciated....
1-9 of 9 Results