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  1. Video Gallery
    Wee link to a short watch. But some stunning fish. Kills a few more minutes of your day. Salmon Fishing Club public group | Facebook
  2. Swap Shop
    rio scandi 610 floating Looking for the above line have a rage 570 in as new condition ten minutes use or a zpey fusion 8/9 30g 0/0/1sink tip vgc for swap
  3. Picture Gallery
    Picked up this monster :pound: today on a wee red junction shrimp it took over Forty minutes to land :rolleyes: and swam away strongly after twenty minutes of revival :lol: 51lb :lie:
  4. Classified Sales
    Selling the above line which has been test cast only for a few minutes then put back in original box and spool etc. SOLD. Cheers Diarmid.
  5. Picture Gallery
    Despite being huge (5' last night) my favourite wee spate stream was dropping away nicely by this morning and I knew it would be at a good height by this afternoon. Got down for 1.30pm and saw the sight I was hoping for, the river in cracking ply for 'pool tail hijacking'!:lol: It was hot, humid...
  6. General Board
    The TV series. Must be one of the biggest load of Bull on the tv after coronation street. Wait till the last five minutes to find out the “monster” was a bloody 4lb grayling or koi carp etc
  7. Classified Sales
    If anyone is taking the opportunity to visit the Game Fair over the weekend then please pop along to the Perth and District Anglers Tent. Just around the corner from fishermans Row and facing out onto the island. There will be a free competition for anyone visiting and also I believe a couple...
  8. General Board
    Unfortunately the B & B owners where I normally stop, have been struck by illness, and not accepting bookings. Could anybody suggest a B&B or reasonably priced accommodation within 30 minutes of Corbridge / Hexham, who are reasonably angler friendly? I think I may have asked this before; but...
  9. Classified Sales
    Selling the above line which has been test cast only for less than 10 minutes as is still as new. It is a short head spey line and suits 7/8wt rods. Matches a Loop Cross S1 12ft 7wt very well. Cost £80. Sell for £50 posted. PayPal gift payment please. Cheers Diarmid.
  10. Picture Gallery
    An fine day out on the Dee today in the, always excellent, company of CSI Stonehaven. Netted a nice fish about 7lb for Dave in the morning not long after he'd lost a nice wee grilse. 40 minutes later he lost a second double figure fish after about 10 minutes of a scrap. My turn for the action...
  11. Head Cam Videos
    One of the best looking fish I've ever had. Five minutes before I was about to call it a day... River Tweed, Dryburgh U Bridge Pool Silver - YouTube
1-11 of 11 Results