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  1. English Rivers
    Well, I don't think the fishing can get much worse than last season, so fingers crossed we get a good run of fish this year......there's certainly enough water to encourage them into the system! Hopefully, we will be able to get to the riverbank come the 1 February, but it may well be the devon...
  2. Other Tackle
    Hi folks. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy the blades (probably not the right term) for a Devon minnow? Grateful for any advice. Cheers
  3. Spinning
    Hi folks I'm looking for an artificial lure that was would act like the live diving minnow that had a lead barrel weight inserted inside it .Thanks in advance.
  4. Spinning
    Fill your boots all available in the sales section Any take your fancy ??
  5. Spinning
    Just wondering does anyone find a devon minnow lure good for salmon/sea trout.If so how do you fish it?
  6. Spinning
    Well bruised and battered they were but not anymore and winging their way to Ireland very shortly. amazing what you can do with that ols minnow thats been kicking about the bottom of the tackle box for years. Got any you want doing ??
  7. Vendor Deals
    Time for some new ones ?? Pick you colour and size and leave the rest with me. £2.50 a minnow postage will be at cost.
1-7 of 7 Results