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  1. General Board
    talking to a old friend and once tillmouth gillie, he was asking if I knew how the beat was doing, I replied no but would find out, and to my horror only 2 salmon last week, 27 for the whle of October, 282 for the season so far? he also looked in horror, replying in his not so long away day...
  2. General Board
    Only one fish caught on Tweed system,a few on the Dee and a few more on the mighty Tay. Clearly the weather appears to have taken its toll last week. From the warmth of a chair next to a coal fire in wet and miserable Lincolshire I am contemplating planning a few trips North of the Border as I...
  3. General Board
    I had a go with a rio scandi versitip line yesterday , I was impressed so I went to buy one until I saw the price . The head and tips alone are £130 then add £55 for a running or shooting line , so for £185 you can buy yourself a mighty fine line .They one I wanted can stay on the shelf till...
  4. News & Features
    We set going off to have a swim on the mighty Spey
1-4 of 4 Results