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  1. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Tied this but had to sub few things , forgot butt behind middle veiling ,
  2. Classified Wanted
    I'm looking for the middle section of a Guideline Le Cie 14'8 9/10 MF 3 piece on behalf of an old friend based in Scotland. Appreciate your help, thank you. P.S He's not looking to buy another of these rods, just a middle section if possible.
  3. General Board
    has any body fished this or know anything about beat what type of water says oppossite bank to middle mertoun, but middle mertoun says they are double bank.
  4. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a friend a middle section for a 14ft vision catapult :help:
  5. Classified Wanted
    Hi Folks, Broke the middle section of this rod. Would anyone have a middle section availale for sale ? Thanks, LB
  6. General Board
    long shot but looking for a middle section for a scierra hm2 11.8ft 3piece
  7. General Board
    Sad news arrived to me at the weekend that long serving SFF member DONDEE passed away suddenly last Friday after a battle with illness which we all thought he had defeated. I dont know how well anyone on here knew him but DH was a much valued work colleague to me, and in that few years working...
  8. Lines
    Just been looking at the live webcam on River Moy Ridge pool 2 nights on the bounce Seal right in middle having a field day. poor salmon.
  9. Northern European Style Patterns
    Thanks to Dr.P for the inspiration. The one in the middle is for purists ? Cheers
  10. Classified Wanted
    Lpxe 3 piece 14' 9/10 middle section wanted! Pleeeeease!!
  11. Spinning
    Amazing what can be done with some old battered and bruised devons. I can do them in a variety of sizes as you can see. Up for grabs if anyone wants any just sent off 6 green and yellows to gish the middle tay.
  12. Travel/Last Minute Trips/Rod Availability (TRADE)
    I’ve been contacted about a rod available for Middle Varzuga on 9 June. A cancellation has come up due to someone requiring surgery. Cost is 7500 from Helsinki. Message me if you are interested or know anyone else who is. Brendan
  13. European Rivers
    Hi All I’ve booked to go to Middle Varzuga on 9 June. A cancellation has come up due to someone having had surgery. Cost is 7500 from Helsinki if you are interested or know anyone else who is send me a PM Brendan
  14. Classified Wanted
    Long shot but would anyone have the middle section for the above rod lying around that they'd be willing to sell? It's the original 3 piece Catapult that I have and it has been sitting in my cupboard for years without use due to the breakage. I'm looking to resurrect it to use again. If anyone...
  15. Classified Sales
    I have available a middle and tip section for a le cie 14'8 9/10 ( 3piece ) and also a butt and tip section for a lpxe 14' 9/10 ( 3piece ) The Le cie sections are like new - £40 each Lpxe sections well used but in good condition-£25 each. Both +PP. le cie sections sold. lpxe sections...
  16. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a middle range vice good for tubes and dressed fleas. Let me know if you have anything to offer. Thanks, DS
  17. Classified Sales
    I have a Diawa C98 14' 11" for sale. ideal starter rod which has had the top ferrul area redone as it was needing tightened up due to reaching end of the middle spigot. Does not detract from its action at all. Comes with the original cloth bag. price delivered to Mainland U.K. Is £40...
  18. General Board
    looking for a 14ft B&W Powerlite 9 - 10 Ghillie or even better a middle section for one.
  19. Classified Wanted
    Hello As per the title does anyone have a spare 2nd section (lower middle) of the 11 foot 6 inch GRXi + double hander lying around they'd be willing to sell? Mine is kaput and Greys have discontinued and run out of warranty parts. Thanks in advance. Otherwise, pea sticks:eek:
  20. Trout Fishing
    I am going up to the tweed for my annual salmon hunt fishing middle tweed in mid October. I thought I might fill in a few days with some river trout fishing - can anyone advise on where I might get some river trout fishing in mid October - I am staying near junction of ettrick and tweed
1-20 of 20 Results