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  1. General Board
    Just thought I'd off this it might be of interest to some. A year or two ago built a #5wt 11ft micro two handed rod. And not willing to pay exorbitant prices for the likes of OPST Commando head etc. I've constructed my own lines from bigger Salom lines. However recently bought of fleabay a...
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    I think these are Dee Sheep. The bigger one is on a Long Range tube and wing is just over 3". The smaller is on a Eumer micro and it's about 1.5" in length. The #10 ED treble is for reference.
  3. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Done these for a mate but I added a few to my own box as I liked the look of them 14mm SS Tube SSS dubbing Orange cock hackle Orange bucktail Cpl of strands of orange micro flash Black floss Micro silver oval rib Orange cock hackle White cock hackle Junglecock SS Cone
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Hey Guys, I was looking for a dressing for for JW Young Nymph which is used of salmon down south and and micro Arndilly Fancy Fly? Any have the patterns for these flies? Thanks in advance.
  5. Rods
    11ft 250grain micro spey for the grilse.
  6. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    A Wee Size 15 Ghillie Tying a few wee one's at the moment so here's the first one Size 15 salar Gold micro oval tag Orange bucktail Gold holographic Black thread Gold micro oval rib Orange cock hackle fibers Blue guinea foul over Yellow squirrel wing
  7. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    The hook feels huge after tying at fishing sizes recently, hard to tie it with the butt and head in proportion with chenille (even this which is ultra fine Venaird micro chenille). Only slight variance from the given pattern, used embossed silver as I MUCH prefer it to flat. Dx
  8. General Board
    British river has worst recorded microplastic pollution in the world, study finds This was on the news last night, The worst microplastic polluted river in the world ! I wonder how this effects the rivers with runs salmon ? and the effects on seatrout parr & smolts ? It must have some...
  9. General Board
    After watching fishing programs from overseas this last few days it would seem the norm to wear these cotton type gloves when handling fish. To my mind how how can these be better than the smooth wet skin of a hand when compared to the woven/knitted (ok micro) materials of these gloves? Maybe...
  10. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Another few micro tubes using futurefly body beads, drainer disc's and hybrid cones
  11. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Been tying a few micro tubes up with metallic orange futurefly body beads for extra weight,these are intended to be fished with a free swinging hook
  12. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Getting a day on it in early August, conditions permitting. Totally unfamiliar with the water. Anyone have any tips/experience? Beat 8, 5 etc? Selection of flies etc? Any advice appreciated!! I was going to fish it with a 9 1/2 footer, floating, shrimp flies and various others, possibly smaller...
1-12 of 12 Results