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    Well been covering grilse now for several weeks and cannot get one to take. Tried hitch flies,small doubles and trebles.Shrimp flies,long winged,sparse flies etc. Been on floater, sinktip,full intermediate, full sinker 8wt single hander, Dh and still cannot induce a take. Long leaders as well...
  2. General Board
    Programme dipping in and out of the truth behind farmed salmed. Just covering the sea lice problem and discussed the infamous "Thermolicer". They are going to discuss other methods of lice control. Will be interesting to see how this programme develops.....................:rolleyes:
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    Hi Folks; (Ade, I will need that flack jacket and tin hat comrade!) Figured I ask the forum for some ideas on releasing salmon and pass along a few I use in case it is not a common knowledge method in other regions and circles. As a guide I am usually the one that has to remove the hook from a...
1-3 of 3 Results