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  1. General Board
    Ker.wbft clear your inbox
  2. General Board
    Anyone got Shane’s number handy? I’ve tried messaging his Facebook but he hasn’t even looked at his messages! Any help appreciated
  3. General Board
    Is any body else experiencing problems with the forums as i cant see my profile picture and my location has now gone and all the fonts look like the on a diet ? ive tried to contact Myriad and it says that he/she cant take messages ? any one know what the score is?
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Maybe I am getting old and have not noticed that the world is changing faster than I thought! as I was sending a pm to a longtime time SFF member tonight, with whom I have been in contact a few times and appreciated his wit and sense of humour, to wish him a Merry Christmas, I got a message back...
  5. Site Help and Suggestions
    I messaged an admin last week that he accidentally forwarded me some private messages that weren't meant for me. Never got a reply but what did happen was that now all of my private messages have been deleted, so can't even check who the admin was that accidentally forwarded me the messages...
  6. General Board
    I got no likes whatsoever because
  7. General Board
    Just logged on and my message box was showing 2,143 messages and likes. Must be a very popular Me thinks admin is working on the software Still it's nice to be so popular for a short period of time
1-7 of 7 Results