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  1. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    The latest issue of T&S continues to describe Lough Currane in glowing terms. What jumped off the page was the comment “fish from 2-5lb are fairly common “. Frankly, this is a lie. There is no mention of the expansion of aquaculture in the area and the collapse of Waterville seatrout stocks...
  2. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Article in today's Irish Times. Amazing to total coincidence that salmon farming started in the early eighties...a small mention of sea lice but as usual, no mention of all the other diseases that smolts pick up on their passage past fish farms and then carry to the feeding grounds where they...
  3. General Board
    Rarely comment on lines or rods but feel moved to mention a combination I had the pleasure of casting yesterday on the Tay. It was the 14' 6" Lts Explosive but more importantly in my opinion a new line they are bringing out soon the SCS. That's not to detract from an absolutely lovely casting...
  4. General Board
    How lasers and robo-feeders are transforming fish farming - BBC News I've already twittered the Business Editor and all of us should just give him heaps. No mention of Norway issuing health warnings about salmon farms.
  5. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Please see this BBC Scotland link: Call for bird cull to save River Dee salmon stock - BBC News Not a mention of Cormorants by name!!!
  6. General Board
    I tried a pair of these last summer for a day, and found the combination sole and general wearability appealing,but they have never had a mention on the forum.l wonder if there something I should know before buying a pair
  7. Picture Gallery
    Finally off the mark this season and quite early for my local river! Landed the first fish I hooked just after 7am. A lovely 7-8lber fresh off the tide with lice still attached! I hooked another 2 fish the same morning 1 throwing the hook after 5 mins and the second breaking me after taking me a...
1-7 of 7 Results