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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Our local paper has just reported on the teign estuary has had gangs of about 20 people arriving at night and removing buckets of mussels and cockles . We can have a guess who these people are. They are also reported to have taken a lot of small bass. It must be only a matter of time before they...
  2. Classified Sales
    I have a spare set of all densities in 10 ft with wallet only the int, super fast and fast have been opened and used for a matter of hours so as new really £30 posted to uk address
  3. Classified Sales
    Partridge code X2B salmon fly hooks Sizes 4, 6 and 8 £5 for a bakers dozen and possibly a Brucie bonus plus £2.90 postage Quite a lot available so same postage no matter how many you want. All brand new.
  4. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    After reading a number of scientific papers, I'm at least convinced it's real enough. Obviously, if this trend continues, and I've seen nothing to suggest it won't. Warming Seas and Summer Heatwaves are going to have a serious effect on everyday life. Certainly, it's going to have an effect on...
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Silver seems to be always a fairly standard chrome silver in mylar. However gold seems to be a matter of considerable variance. My beloved supply of pale gold Sparton flat gold Mylar from the late Steve Parton on the dark blue spools is diminishing fast. It is also thin and easy to use. I have...
  6. Rookies Corner
    Does it matter what way you tie on a up eyed hook? If so what's the best way/knot?
  7. General Board
    Does the rod really matter? ;) Atlantic salmon on the wooden stick - YouTube
  8. General Board
    I wish you all good health and happiness to you and your loved ones in 2018. I also hope you land the fish of a lifetime in 2018. They are there in our rivers, I've seen them. It's only a matter of time and a little belief:-) At least one forum member will do it.
  9. Hunting & Shooting
    Went out to knock off a few bunnies the other day. The bird is a white goshawk, a pure killer. Quite incredible to see the way she swoops on a bolting rabbit, once these talons get into them it is game over. The bird is about the same size as a buzzard but far more powerful. As a matter of fact...
1-9 of 9 Results