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  1. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Still playing with marabou and came up with this, a templedog style flee in Garry Dog colours. Another coat of varnish and trim the tube and its ready to go ? Length 100mm Tube clear liner Tag orange silicone attached behind small yellow disc Tail red gp and rainbow dubbing brushed out Body...
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    A wee thing I came up with at 3am. Got a hold of a lovely hot pink pheasant skin, which the dog subsequently ate. I love the brass Eumer cones, they really push back the water and fluff up the materials. I'm a big fan of marabou on coneheads, works well with stiffer materials. I'll get some...
  3. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I'm enjoying the look of Editors at the moment so here's a few I tied over the last 2 nights. They all need another coat of varnish on the heads. Clockwise from top: - Another in the flamethrower style. - A Marabou wing on #12 Patriot Silver. - A long tail version on the same hook. - 2 Fox...
1-3 of 3 Results