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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    I see the slimy wee toad has managed to wriggle out of all his charges:wow:
  2. Picture Gallery
    Forecast wasn't great but still managed a hill.
  3. Picture Gallery
    Battled the wind and leafs today and managed 3 today. I'll not post again! Promise :peace:01
  4. Picture Gallery
    It’s been a real struggle this season. Limited time fishing and when I have managed to get out it’s been hard going. Managed a day last Monday and landed a 10lb sea trout on a fly and then finished off today with a grilse of about 5lbs, also on a fly! ? Both safely returned. Rods going...
  5. Picture Gallery
    Managed a couple of hours this afternoon and hooked this fella.
  6. Video Gallery
    Out for first thing with a guest to catch fish off the tide ...plenty of fish running managed to capture this ...right place right time
  7. General Board
    Lucky day river awe I was on the river Awe today, and I managed a beauty of a fish, I recon 17/18 pounds on a rod I had never cast/ used before and a fly that I found on the river bank,so I'm on my way to buy a lottery ticket tonight. Thanks to all the people who gave me advice on an...
  8. Classified Sales
    Free to whoever wants it if they are willing to pay for postage. Broke the third section of it , when falling off the pushbike while on the way to the river , gears slipped and went straight out over the handle bars and managed to land on the rod. I'm into the rod too much and am not going to...
  9. Picture Gallery
    Managed to winkle one out yesterday :
  10. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a MacMartin spinning rod 10 or 11ft. After getting hold of one I've managed to break top section...aaargghh.
  11. Trout Fishing
    Anyone else make it out today ? Got to the river at 4 pm, not ideal timing but at least the rain had stopped. Big water but amazingly clear. In the couple of hours fished, managed three trout of 10 to 12 inches and missed a few. Nice to get out on the river, hopefully will be a bit warmer...
  12. Picture Gallery
    Managed 3 today lost 1. Still god odds though. Only got a pic of 2.
  13. Picture Gallery
    First outing on the clyde this morning due to work commitments, managed to land 3:cool:
  14. General Board
    Well bored as a bored thing, sat gawping at Google Earth and swipe me sideways with a sink tip, guess who's found himself fishing away on one of his favourite bits of river?. Quite tickled me that one, saw my car parked up 1st and managed to work the rest out! Now there's a test for those that...
  15. Step by Step
    tried a few of the silvereyed shadows last year, managed a few sea trout, Silvereye Shadow - the fish magnet - YouTube
  16. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Always struggled to get these the way I ‘d like them to look but getting closer and almost managed a “lamson” head!! Both tied on 1” copper tubes.
  17. Head Cam Videos
    Annual trip to river A'an on speyside 2nd week in September conditions on day 2 were great although the fish weren't their I managed a nice marked trout from lower craigroy and a coloured grills from lower factors
  18. Picture Gallery
    Managed this one today, only my third this season and my first since August.
  19. Video Gallery
    Haven't been out on the river for a while, last time I was out I was on the south tyne managed a small grilse around 5lb back in middle of September but didn't get it on record. Yesterday I went to my local Ehen with my spinning rod and managed to get a clean fish for the time of year around...
  20. Picture Gallery
    Managed to bump into 3 yesterday! What size you think...?
1-20 of 29 Results