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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Something so simple you'd think but I'd got it wrong - no wonder I was struggling! Thanks for making such a clear video Ryan. :thumb:
  2. Northern European Style Patterns
    Wanted to make some use from fur which I usually omit when making flies.
  3. Fly Tying Topics
    I dyed some natural arctic fox before and it looks dull compared to shop bought stuff. Is there a trick to making it shiny if you will? Thanks.
  4. Fly Tying Topics
    Gents, I'm at work just now and making up some bits & bobs in my spare time and wondered if someone could please measure the diameter of the base of these wee fly clip hooks? I making a base for them and can't remember if they are around the 5mm mark? It's just so I can squeeze them into a...
  5. Hunting & Shooting
    It's a strange dichotomy that I go through when I retire one of my dogs from the shooting field or trailing. The sense of loss is always in my mind along with the fact that also the dog will be hopefully going to a better home than the one I can provide it with. In this case I'm talking about...
  6. Classified Sales
    Devon minnows plus more (SOLD) Any interest. Over 150 devon bodies, load of mounts and load of mount making materials. ( wire, hooks, beads, tulips ) £75 posted (uk)
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    I’m absolutely appalled and disgusted by the behaviour of both the Scottish and Welsh Rugby Unions, in not making a direct contribution to the Doddy Weir Foundation, from the gate receipts generated by the match this coming weekend. We are after all talking about several million pounds being...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Beggars belief really. Surely it's impossible to make everyone happy in every environment all of the time, and it has always been thus. This must risk making the vast majority uncomfortable in pleasing the small minority? :confused: University of Manchester Students' Union bans clapping - BBC...
  9. Classified Sales
    As above great rod with 33g heads, making way for other Salmologic rods £325 posted
  10. General Board
    I joined the Salmon Fishing Forum some ten years ago. In about 2010 I started making fishing priests as an extra activity to my rams horn crooks. The art of stick dressing was accomplished after spending time with several master stick dresses in the UK although I live in the Island State of...
  11. Classified Sales
    I have decided to give up making wading sticks and crooks as i have no time anymore i have a whole lot of horns antlers and hazel sticks for sale i also have a press wich was made for me by dane love. Im looking for 200 ono . Collection only thanks
  12. General Board
    Following on from this previous thread: This is for those who may be tempted to make a fly tying vice. I thought I'd document the process of hardening & tempering the jaws from a DIY perspective. I only...
  13. Fly Tying Topics
    Hello, can someone help with curved quills? I have a blue vulturine skin and the short feathers with the white center stripe are curved, making it difficult to face them as streamer wings. The center stem is hard. Is there anyway to soften them ?
  14. Other Tackle
    I'm in need of a custom rod-bag for a five piece rod. I've had a very good quality custom bag in the past from Ellen Lawrence but from I'm not getting a response from her email address. I wonder is the lady still making rod bags to order and has she changed her email address? Any one else...
  15. General Board
    Just wondering if anyone has any idea where you can buy lengths of level tungsten leader as I want to have a go at making my own poly leaders in various lengths. I seem to remember someone on here selling it but a search of the forum doesn't throw up anything.
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    What was your opinion of Martin Bain, while he was involved with Rangers? He seems to be hell bent on making a mess of Sunderland!!!:mad:
1-16 of 16 Results