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  1. Sea Trout Fishing
    I need to replace my head torch for night time sea trout fishing - any recommendations? I'd like one that has a red light, which you can turn on without having to go through the bright white light first if that makes sense. All the ones I've had in the past you've had to click through the order...
  2. Rookies Corner
    Any recommendations on what backing people use would be much appreciated. What break strain? How long? Makes? Gelspun? Thanks, Simon
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    This was passed on to me and makes interesting reading if a little scary. Is China preparing for war? - UnHerd
  4. Classified Sales
    Managed to try one of these yesterday and was very impressed. A little shorter than I am looking for at 12 ft 4 but it more than makes up for it with cast ability and power! Before I upset my wife and order a new one, does anybody have a second hand one they’d part with? Cheers
  5. Welsh Rivers
    Written Statement: Outcome of the Local Inquiry on Natural Resources Wales' proposed 'All Wales Salmon and Sea Trout Byelaws'...
  6. Patterns for other species
    Some clouser and deceiver patterns plus a couple of experiments with deer hair. We have "may water" down here at the moment which colours the water .It's an algae bloom which makes sea fishing inshore almost impossible. I will give these flies a go when it clears. Colin.
  7. General Board
    Even in these ever more trying times, just maybe we all have that little something that makes a difference for us, keeps us fishing, does the job effectively, make's what you do just that bit easier. For me I would have said a few years back the good old 10ft set of poly tips. However now I've...
  8. Classified Sales
    One of a kind CND GT 9/10/11 rod with 2 butt sections, butt 1 makes up a 15footer, butt 2 makes up a 13,5” rod, rod is used and in good condition, no tube, 650 Euro or best offer, pm for pics, rod was custom built by myself
  9. Rods
    Who makes the best?
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Makes me so *#$%*#@ angry!!!?? Britain gives PS47m to China in foreign aid despite promise to stop | Daily Mail Online
  11. Classified Wanted
    I would like a 550 grain floating Skagit head to use on a 9 wt rod. Gaelforce would be perfect but i will consider other makes. Please PM me with any offers.
  12. Hairwing Fly Patterns I'm entirely happy with. Didn't even feel the slightest need to put JC on. I have been thinking back, about 18 months ago I started tying and I've come a long way. Reimagining how the first ones looked, back then thinking they're the ******, makes me chuckle. I'm sure the swap brigade...
  13. News & Features
    News - SAMS aquaculture experts called to parliament - The Scottish Association for Marine Science Makes for interesting reading......
  14. General Board
    Anyone got any views if the colour makes a difference or not? Cheers S
  15. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi all.looking for a wee bit of advice on hooks for tying trout flies.Over the seasons I have tried a few different makes of hooks and have settled on kamasan b170 and b175 and thought I could not better them.But am getting into useing the Internet i think lol..but there are so many makes and...
  16. General Board
    I'm having a discussion elsewhere on the coluration of salmon and what makes them colour up darker in some rivers than others etc. we have all seen or caught coloured salmon after been in the rivers a few weeks to a month or so. But what actually makes them colour up? Im suggesting the...
  17. Rod Building
    Does anybody know what the grades of gudebrod are please,i dont want to buy thin whipping,i want some thing suited for spinning rods or double handed rods,the grade are A,B,C,D i think, which one is the thicker thread? or any other recomendations for other makes of whipping thread please.
1-18 of 19 Results