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  1. Northern European Style Patterns
    Enjoying tying a fly for the TOTM, today after work I made 2 more, haven't even had a dinner yet :lol:
  2. Classified Wanted
    Does anybody have an original orvis SSS made in Argentina 7/8 size. Made in the 1980s. ????????? If you do are you willing to sell it???
  3. Guideline
    Planning to order this rod , any feedback? Apparently its lightest rod made this size weight only 200g. Cheers
  4. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A couple of flees similar to my recent here, just with tails made of boar bristles.
  5. Picture Gallery
    Hope you guys don't mind, I was going through some pics of a few years ago. Last few days of the season.It was blxxdy cold and the rings were freezing in the eyes of the rod. Working my way down the pool and there was a fresh splash at the tail. It was the last casts of the session. Soon as...
  6. Picture Gallery
    Nikon D-80 with Tamron 300 mm using a polarize filter and Manual settings - f6.3 @1/80 ms - iso 100 EV -2 comped Cropped in a bit more Before I was able to figure out how to eliminate some hot spots in the images we had clouds that made things difficult. This was to be another super moon...
  7. Picture Gallery
    This picture made my day. Big thumbs up :)
  8. Fly Rods
    Finishing on Monday. Great Hardy rod, Made in England. Hardy Favourite Graphite Fly Rod. 2pce, 9ft 3ins #4/5. Very Good Condition. | eBay
  9. General Board
    The current situation has got me thinking that going forward, where possible, I'd like to buy UK made tackle in order to support small UK businesses which will no doubt be struggling and in need of support to get back on their feet. I'd be interested to know of UK made tackle...
  10. Shooting Heads
    These look quite interesting especially the clear float and the float/ intermediate tip. I have not used Vision lines before but I understand they are made by airflo so should be good. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  11. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Still working at a Willie Gunn / Gunnish looking fly. I think I have trouble because I do not fish orange & black here ever so it's hard to make orange & black flies, does that make sense? Made on rather small doubles I've had since the 1980's, I have some longer shank and intend to get creative.
  12. Classified Sales
    Brand new hardy cascapedia 10/11 made in England reel in limited edition orange only 100 made. Bought as a gift so has Never been used. SOLD SOLD...
  13. Rod Building
    I've always fancied having a go at building my own rod so thought it was a great idea to build a rod for my sons 15th birthday as he started salmon fishing with me last season and loves it he also took to a 2 handed rod no problem. So I bought a Loop cross s1 blank first and then had to learn...
  14. Classified Wanted
    Hardy Angel MK 1 7/8 Spare Spool Made in England Does anyone have a spare spool for the Hardy Angel MK1 7/8 reel above that they would like to sell please - Must be the Mark 1 model though - made in England.
  15. General Board
    If you had just one chance in the coming year to fish for a week anywhere in the world, which river, which beat and when would you go. Cost being irrelevant. That’s what dreams are made.
  16. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Another unknown pattern (forget where I got the pic) - sort of Nicholson-ish - really struggled not to put a full Nicholson wing on it (may yet hack it back!). Interesting to see a mixed strip/strand underwing of coloured stuff and silver pheasant in the throat - I perhaps made it over-long...
  17. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a Daiwa Alltmor (Gem)9/10 spare spool...The reel made by Hardy,also would be interested in the Daiwa Alltmor Spey reel in 9/10 made by Seiko...please pm me if you have anything ,cheers
  18. Classified Sales
    I have a set of 39g heads F/H/I, F/H S2 and F/H/S4, these are uncut at 44' with loops on, £100 the set or £40 each. Some of the best SH's ever made.
  19. Classified Sales
    Hardy Marquis no 3 made in England price drop Selling my Hardy Marquis no 3 reel, made in England, new model, Totaly mint, only used for a few days fishing, box and pouch and backing £155 posted uk
  20. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Here is a video made on my annual visit over last week. River Erriff July 2019 - YouTube
1-20 of 64 Results