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  1. General Board
    All, Fancying a bit of a change. Anyone know where I could catch some mackerel around the aberdeen area? Cheers, DS
  2. General Board
    A bit of a read but intetresting ... this is a paper is by the highly regarded Norwegian salmon scientist Jens Christian Holst, who has collaborated closely on projects and subsequent peer reviewed papers with his Irish equivalents. The paper opens up a whole new area of concern in relation to...
  3. General Board
    I've just come back from two days on a prime lower North Esk beat. Thursday was a wash out. - I've never seen a river rise so fast. I got there circa 7.30, walked to the river and put a stick in the gravel to see if it was going to fall or rise (over the day) and went back to put up my rod...
  4. Salt Water Fishing
    Had a good evening down on the beach. caught this one about 4lb on a popper and as it was early in the session I put it back. mackerel and bass were chasing the whitebait or "Brit" as we call them down this way so I put up the fly gear and had a dozen or so mackerel and 5 bass but nothing...
1-4 of 4 Results