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  1. Feather Wing Patterns
    Wasn't sure where to put this , but it is a featherwing I suppose .. As good today as it has always been!!
  2. General Board
    Had a very nice holiday near Inverness way back in the 80s. In conversation with some local anglers they let slip that Sea Trout could be caught on the Black Isle but I'd stand no chance of getting one without a special local home made lure. The most information I could drag out of anyone was...
  3. Spinning
    As many of you may have grasped, my spinning gear and techniques were left only slightly wanting after the early Tweed Jaunt a week or so back. So, there's a question to two that I have in regard to lures and rods. 1stly, are the copies of the Vision 110 type of lures worth having(predictably...
  4. General Board
    Hi All, Laid up in bed so thought I'd write my first entry and post it on this fine fishing forum. I'm not a particularly experienced Salmon fisher; I've yet to have one on fly although like others I'm sure it's not through lack of trying! But I've had some and lost others while dwelling on...
  5. Picture Gallery
    Not a great photo but another quality fish last night..... Around the 6 to 7 mark! Short, fat and silver Surface lure
  6. Spinning
    Hi there I'm a keen sea fisherman and recently I've been interested in seeking out some more opportunities with regard to spinning for trout and salmon. I am interested in fly fishing, but with time and money at a premium it's unfortunately not something I can pursue at the moment. I am...
  7. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am selling some of my Flying C's which are of the highest quality & they are mostly all new having only sat in my lure box. 25 in Total. £27 Delivered
  8. General Board
    hi just wondering if anyone can help me out bought one of the made in scotland diawa whiskers .. its a 10ft older one with the blue thread .. was planning on using it trolling on Irish lakes for big trout.. any one any experience trolling with this model like how big a lure can it handle ?
  9. Spinning
    Hi folks I'm looking for an artificial lure that was would act like the live diving minnow that had a lead barrel weight inserted inside it .Thanks in advance.
  10. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling my Rapalas & a few other Spinners; some are new & some have had very little use: 9 x Rapalas 1 x Rapala Spinner Lure 1 x Shapeshifter Minnow 5 x Toby Type Lures £32 Delivered Now SOLD, Many Thanks, :)
  11. Sea Trout Fishing
    Browsing around.. As you do... And got a couple of these Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeels Come in various sizes ,colours & weights but they look like a very good lure for coastal seatrout. Any of you boys tried these out at all?
  12. Sea Trout Fishing
    Question for anyone. I fish the Wear, Tyne and Coquet for salmon and sea trout and tonight I knocked up this surface lure. The question is under the local EA bye laws you must not fish from one hour after sunset until one hour before sunrise with a hook that won't go through a 10mmtube. Both the...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys n gals,new to site,starting to spin for salmon this season on my local river,was just a quick question about set up,what size of swivels to attach to spinners and lure do i use and what make i.e barrel or bb and do i add weight ?
  14. Spinning
    Inherited a few Devon Minnows from my father. Most are unweighted and I fish with the bouncing Betty setup as shown on Chris Connoly's website. However I have a few with a copper? tube running through them. One or two of the very small ones are actually metal. Are these meant to be fished on...
  15. General Board
    Does anyone ever use these lures? Had any success on them?
  16. General Board
    found this lure in an old lot of fly tieing materials Got patent Num of 793370, any one have an idea what it is , many thanks Richard
  17. Classified Sales
    just sorting through the loft and came across a few bits n pieces 20 minnows (15) floating 1 sinking plastic and 4 metal in need of a wee bit restoration but all sound enough £12 posted some tay lure type things £10 posted a load of flying cs (22) most been used but a wee clean up would do the...
  18. General Board
    Is Shimano Scimitar SMS86M2a (Length 8' 6" Pieces 2 Power Med. Action Fast Line Weight 8 - 17 lbs. Lure Weight 1/4 - 1 oz.) good enough for salmon bank fishing with flying "C" 7/8oz lure? Thanks
  19. Spinning
    Looking to buy a few for next year, as supplies are getting low! Used Top Lure (Richard Hey, in Morcambe) before. Happy enough but what else do people use?
1-20 of 27 Results