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  1. Classified Wanted
    Anybody got the 12 ft 6 version they are willing to sell? Cheers
  2. Reels
  3. Reels
    Hi I am looking for a LTS. Odin fly reel if anybody got 1v pleas let me know I have a LTS thor would like a odin reel to pair them thanks
  4. Classified Sales
    Guideline XChange tri-tip/ lts 3d's Guideline XChange wf8 tri-tip 19g/292gr. 28.2ft/8.6m Used once As new £75 posted PayPal as gift Reduced 8th May now £70 LTS 10/11 s1/3/5 44g 13m New £25 posted PayPal gift Now £20 LTS 11/12 s1/3/5 48g. 13m New £25 posted PayPal gift Now £20
  5. Fly Reels
    Hi everyone I am looking for an LTS odin fly reel if you got one at a good price please contact me jus bought a a LTS. Thor would like a odin as well
  6. Other Tackle
    Looking for an.. Lts odin fly reel to go with my 7/8/9 anything to 11 line weight gives room for plenty backing so if anybody got an ODIN reel at a fair price let me know thanks again
  7. Classified Sales
    LTS ScS Lines SOLD LTS ScS lines new in boxes 9/10 blue with floating tip £55 LTS wallet with tips intermediate s2 s4 s6 sink8 £60 all plus postage ALL SOLD
  8. Reels
    Hi I am looking for a LTS.. ODIN or THOR fly reel between 7 /11 ANYONE GOT. 1 FOR SALE at a good price please contact me
  9. Classified Sales
    Loop lts x2 7-11 salmon reel....excellent condition - £150 posted in uk OVNO
  10. Classified Sales
    LTS Explosive 14’6 #10 4 pc Black version It has had very little use so in excellent condition I am asking for £400 posted in the UK.
  11. Classified Sales
    LTS shooting sinking shooting head 39gram 9/10. Brand new in box unused. Sink 1 3 5. £33 posted
  12. Classified Wanted
    Looking for an LTS Short Speedline 8/9 S1345 shooting head, if anyone has one for sale or knows where one might be bought? Thanks H
  13. Classified Sales
    LTS x3 14ft #9 SOLD My Dad is getting towards 90 and finds a 14ft rod hard work so uses a 12ft 6 these days so wants to sell his lts x3 14ft,it has been used but not abused only used with floating head and small flies in summer /autumn comes with its LTs tube £65 if of interest pm me thanks...
  14. Swap Shop
    I have the above rod in excellent condition for swap. Looking specifically lts explosive 13.5ft ot 14.5ft in equivalent condition. Cheers Idbflytye
  15. Rods
    Been using an LTS Explosive 13'6" 9/10 6 piece for about 3 months and think it is genuinely one of the best rods I have ever cast. I get to try a lot of rods on the beat from guests and struggle to find something that even comes close to it. I know rods and their actions are a personal thing...
  16. Rods
    I have just acquired one of these travel rods. There is no line info marked on the rod or much info on the LTS website .....The seller suggested 34-38g max. A recent thread about the 7/8 version suggested 8/9 lines - so now I’m a little confused. I’m particularly interested in short Scandi...
  17. Swap Shop
    Looking to swap my Lts scs line system 8/9 39gm head and floating tip,the line is in new condition only test cast but too heavy for my 12"6 nitro,would be willing to swap for a shooting head around 34gms Salmologic,Gaelforce zpey etc SS
  18. Classified Sales
    SOLD NEW. NEVER USED: LTS EXPLOSIVE 13'6" 6 PIECES, TRAVEL ROD. THE NEWEST VERSION, FULL YELLOW. Price: 420 GBP posted (new around 820 GBP) I can send pictures by email. Please send me a PM or post here and I will forward you some pictures but is a BRAND NEW ROD
  19. Classified Sales
    Selling a brand new LTS SCS shooting head and floating tip 8/9 39gm,received this as a gift but too heavy for my rod,looking for £45 posted which is half price of a new one
  20. Rods
    Just invested on a LTS Explosive 12,6 light 7/8. Just looking for any line recomendations to match this rod?
1-20 of 72 Results