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  1. General Board
    Hi, As anyone had any recent experiance at fishing the Dallam Beat on the lower kent ? I was wondering if its worth giving it a go this season ? Thanks in Advance Chris
  2. News & Features
    Would you like to have access to the best salmon fishing that the river Usk can offer? - Isca Angling Club Details in the above link
  3. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Had a go at these for Lower Tay
  4. General Board
    Hi guys, Any one got any experience of floors in February? Thinking mid to late feb, not sure on upper or lower would be best? Thanks in advance
  5. News & Features
    Hi Folks,Anyone help me with answer 41down---Beat on Lower TEST? Would appreciate Victor Wallace
  6. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    I note the draft regulations include the Lower Shannon for catch and release. Must be a while since Castleconnell was open. Will be interesting to see what prospects this will bring for 2020.
  7. General Board
    Does anybody have a rough idea of the price for early june on the lower yokanga I am well aware of the difficult conditions I am used to hard fishing in scandinavian rivers so not concerned just wondering on the prices really many thanks
  8. General Board
    Will be close to the Kirkaig next week, is there anyone local or an estate office I can contact about a day on the Lower river. Or is Sporting Lets the only way. Any information welcome. John
  9. General Board
    Does anyone still use these lightening conductors ? I believe they made them up to 18ft. You would need to be a fit guy to wield one of these All day. I know the lower Tay they used them on but anywhere Else ??
  10. Greys
    Hi Does anybody have an opinion on the above mentioned rod. They are on sale at the moment, and am in need of an 8 weight for the lower Towy. Thanks
  11. Scottish Rivers
    Hi im looking to fish at the teith at lanrick , can anyone recommend what beat is better fishing , upper or lower ? Thanks
  12. General Board
    I was invited to fish Lower Pitchroy beat Knockando Estate on the Spey this year on opening day and I have to say out of all the many beats I have fished this has got to be the most peaceful and beautiful beat I have had the privilege to fish.As for pools they are a fly fishers dream. Every pool...
  13. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Decided to have a wee meddle with this one. Went for the lighter blue body this time and changed the tungsten black cone for a lighter silver one. Also decided to thin the hackle down a bit. Lighter fly for a lower water I suppose. ? Won’t bore you all with anymore on the Monkey theme!! ?
  14. Picture Gallery
    Caught this one and 2 others last Thursday afternoon. One of them was a bar of silver. So the lower Dee does seem to be having a bit of a backend run this year.
  15. Picture Gallery
    Fish from the lower Dee this afternoon. Took a size 8 copper bodied Willie Gunn. It gave a good scrap and swam away strongly on release.
  16. Scottish Rivers
    The grilse are here! 25 caught on the association water last week, 9 to one rod over two days, the low water and grilse run suits us on the lower river, good shout for a day ticket. Ha I even managed one myself!
  17. Sea Trout Fishing
    Hi All, We (my dad and I) are thinking about fishing the Teign next week for sea trout, conditions look marginally better. Does anyone have any advice on which beat, and ideally which pools, we should focus on that are open to day ticket anglers? Given the low water i was thinking the Lower...
  18. Classified Sales
    I have 2 rods for sale for this Monday on the lower tummel beat of the river Tummel. Cost me £55 per rod. £80 for both rods. Pm me if your interested.
  19. General Board
    Hi all, can anyone recommend good fly patterns for success on the Lower Tweed in May? Thanks
  20. Spare Rod/Member Meet-Ups/Fishing Days/Trips
    Two rods available on Lower Tummel beat Rods now gone ,thanks DB
1-20 of 33 Results