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  1. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Just a made up pattern. I'd love to get one on this if I get a chance this season
  2. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A size 12 Bann Special treble. Quite over dressed I know, but I just love the colours. Suspect this one might never see water!!?
  3. North American Fly Patterns
    I am tying a selection of 36 flies that are going into a Wheatley box to be auctioned off at the beginning of next year with all proceeds going to the Miramichi Salmon Association. I was able to select the patterns. Here are the first flies I tied. Silver Rat on sizes 2 to 8. I love fishing...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi, as the title suggests i live in Australia. My father lived a large part of his life in the Boarders (Hawick). We've returned a few times over the years and plan to return next year around August. I have a few questions which I'd like assistance with. Firstly my great, great uncle was James...
  5. Picture Gallery
    Had this fish the other night, followed by two in the four pound sort of size. Great fight, returned safe and well! Love the sea trout fishing, shame it only lady’s a few weeks.
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Tried for tickets. Failed for tickets. So another sofa year. Waiting for Idles (we have tickets in December). Thoroughly enjoyed watching Lauryn Hill totally lose her **** with the sound technicians. They’re not there, love. They started running when you started those furious arm gestures...
  7. Picture Gallery
    Hi Guys, Fishing-wise not so rewarding anymore but I grew up by its side and still love it and often go by the river to exercise spey casting.
  8. Rods
    Hello everyone. I've always fished with daiwa Whisker double handers and love them. I wanted to bye a daiwa lockmor z when they came out a long time ago but hadn't got the cash then. I remember the 15 footer came in two line weights 10 & 11. And don't no witch one to look out for second hand...
  9. General Board
    My daughter is coming up to two years old. I'd love to get her into fishing and she definitely likes the outdoors. I'm not going to push her into it, and if it's not her thing fair enough, but I'm keen to give her the best possible chance of falling in love with the sport. I appreciate that...
  10. General Board
    I've tried to post it again. Apologies if you can't get all of it...
  11. General Board
    As an IT Luddite can anyone tell me if my fishpal settings have reverted to some weird & annoying mobile form of presentation or have they changed to this deliberately? If so, for the love of God why? It's horrible compared to what has operated for the last several years! Yours (increasingly...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hey all, happy new year! Greetings from San Francisco. Just twiddling my thumbs a bit and looking (a long way) forward to salmon fishing in the summer. Love to connect with other Bay Area folks out there, especially pedal kayak folks. Obligatory Hobie Outback shout-out :fish2: Also, if anyone...
  13. Fishing Videos
    Fly Fishing Film Tour Short John Gierach - YouTube John Gierach, a wonderful writer, love to meet him for a pint.
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Love him , or not , he certainly made his mark , and introduced many to angling in all its variations. Norfolk TV and fishing legend John Wilson dies in Thailand | Anglia - ITV News
  15. Classified Wanted
    Morning, Im looking for one of the above in either 7/9 or 8/11. If you have one and wish to sell please PM me. Been looking for one of these for so long and would love to locate one to finish off my reel collection of Classics. Thanks, Kenny
  16. Favourite Beats & Rivers
    Fell in love with this river many years ago but then it became syndicated. Does anyone know if it is possible to fish the river these days? Thanks.
  17. Rookies Corner
    Hello all. I am new here and to the salmon fishing. Looking to get my first rod, and just so you all know: I love fishing with cane rods:) I am now looking at a 10ft #8 rod by J.S Sharp, love spliced rod it is. But, is it to short for talking to Spey or other salmon rivers? Do I need a longer...
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Working at the hatchery listening to Sting, it occured to me once again how much I love his music. 'Ten Summoner's tales' is a great album. Also really love 'Mercury Falling', but I guess that's due to sweet memories, except for the one, when my mother binned my 'Mercury Falling'-Tour ticket...
  19. General Board
    My favourite spinning/bait rod ( Diawa whisker spin/bait 12ft 10-50grm ws98-12) is on its last's a fab rod and was made in Scotland....I just love fishing with it....but the time has come to replace I right in thinking you can no longer buy this rod in 12ft even in the newer...
1-19 of 33 Results