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  1. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Small flies tied with hope, that the summer season won't be lost as the spring one.
  2. General Board
    What's your views on the loss of fishing dates because of the Corona virus do you think you should be compensated for days lost that have been paid for or at least gave another few days that yous have paid for
  3. Picture Gallery
    I nearly had lost the faith then I got this wee one today!
  4. Picture Gallery
    Managed to winkle a few out today. And 1fish lost.
  5. Patterns for other species
    My favourite version of an old tried and tested sea trout fly. I tied this yesterday before I went out and had three and lost one on it. Colin.
  6. Picture Gallery
    Stayed at Ballynahinch Castle Hotel last week for 6 nights and had 3 days fishing. It rained on the Sunday but the river only rose a few inches. Weather was a bit hot but at least there was a decent breeze. Plenty of fish in the system especially the lower beats. Plenty of finnock too. I had 13...
  7. Scottish Rivers
    Lost nice fresh fish after 5 minutes of playing it. Was a bad "head shaker" from start to finish which I never like :(. Just above Turriff at Muiresk. Didn't see anything else, water quite low (+2" on the gauge and exceptionally clear). On the plus side got to watch a lovely osprey work a pool...
  8. General Board
    Well the rods are away for me anyway, but years past I would already be planning for the coming season. What's on your santa list for next year? I would normally be very up to date knowing exactly what the market had in line for us next season but have lost my tackle tartness :nod: I'm afraid...
  9. Other Videos
    The cliffs here are the highest in Ireland and U.K. Along the track is The highest Corrie Lake ,and 2 of the lowest in Ireland .See link in video for the second Corrie lake ,I will video the Highest Corrie on another walk . Also in front of one of the Corries is The Hidden Beach which shows...
  10. Picture Gallery
    Managed 3 today lost 1. Still god odds though. Only got a pic of 2.
  11. News & Features
    Up and at it early this morning by Jesus it was cold but cnt complain hooked 5 lost one all cock fish, safely released , not posting pic to offend anyone ,
  12. General Board
    Water arrived on the North Tyne overnight. Had a great day whilst watching a lot of sea-trout running and a few salmon. One of those ham-fisted days: Was last on the water. Left my prize-winning fly in a sea-trout at the net when the knot pulled - never known that in 50 + years of fishing...
  13. General Board
    A new job interview in Motherwell meant I couldn't get to the beat until 12.30, the rest of the guys had been hard at it since 5am & there had been nothing landed but 2 lost. You couldn't make it up, Rod up, waders on, 3 casts to lengthen the line.... Bingo! 14lb belter. Spawny so & so
  14. Trout Fishing
    In the last ten days, I've had two sessions on my club's (Spade Mill Angling Club) reservoirs. On each occasion, I had lots of gentle takes but only hooked two fish and lost one on the first visit and only hooked one fish and lost it on the second. In decades of fishing, I've never had as many...
  15. General Board
    I bet there,s a fortune in lures in a lot of well fished pools on many rivers around the country. I know a few on my local river there will probably hundreds of spinners and crank baits that have been lost over the years. Searching for River Treasure! - Knife, Gun, 5 Sunglasses, Fishing Tackle...
  16. General Board
    So far this season I’ve had 11 “takes” while fly fishing for salmon with fly. Of these 11, I’ve landed 4 fish, lost another 3 while playing them and had 4 fish take, shake their heads and fall off - any ideas how I can increase my success rate keeping them on the line? With the three I lost...
  17. General Board
    Hi guys, Lost my set of 10' versileaders last week (just checked ma bag out for tomorrow) they are in an airflo wallet. It must have been on the Lower Tummel as I had them before I commenced fishing.:help: If you come across them could you please drop me a pm and I will give a small reward...
  18. General Board
    Anyone one know if there are any caps or badges left for sale!.....lost mine a while back Thanks
  19. General Board
    Does anyone have a copy of April 2017 T&S? I am in an article and I've lost my copy
  20. General Board
    Just watched the video, Lost at Sea, on Facebook Salmon Fishing Club. Im confused about the issue of so called global warming. It mentions the sea warming causing a change in plankton, and massive amounts of Mackerel competing with the smolts for food. Is this warming of the sea a fact, or are...
1-20 of 27 Results