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  1. General Board
    Hello all: has anyone used a Loop Classic reel anywhere near seawater? I'm taking one to New Zealand for a couple of months but will mainly be using my Orvis Mirage reel - and mostly in the rivers. I just wondered whether anyone has experienced any corrosion after using either of those reels...
  2. Classified Sales
    NEW LAMSON SALTWATER SPEY ULA FORCE 4 10/11/12Wt. BIG F#*! REEL Never Used Hello I have a NEW Lamson Saltwater/Spey ULA Force 4 10/11/12 Wt. Reel. This Reel takes in almost 12" inches of line per rotation. This reel is new and has never been fished. Its to F*ckin Big for Me. MY PRICE: $...
1-2 of 2 Results