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  1. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Tried a double topping on wing on this one , looked sparse with one ,
  2. Classified Sales
    In used condition with some very, very shallow gravel rash.....superb condition and well looked after. Paperwork, box and neoprene pouch. Quality 30lb backing and running line staying on the reel.SOLD insured postage
  3. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Seen this fly somewhere maybe on here and liked the looked of it so gave it a go today
  4. General Board
    Sorry - might have been posted before. Why is FishPal looking so rubbish? Even if you subscribe with email - the User Interface and summaries look terrible? Am I missing something (I've looked on various PCs and still looks rubbish so it can't be an eg. Internet explorer version).
  5. General Board
    Anyone got Shane’s number handy? I’ve tried messaging his Facebook but he hasn’t even looked at his messages! Any help appreciated
  6. General Board
    Down tidying the fly tying desk for the last time ,( AGAIN) stripping the odd old fly and couldn't keep my hands off the vice , tied this Calvin's variant and little sparser to see now it looked,
  7. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Fished the Lackagh yesterday for a few hours it was very low very clear and very cold looked completely dead - have there been any caught yet does anyone know?
  8. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Looked out the gear for a mess about
  9. General Board
    Conditions haven't been great recently, But on my drive to work today The Northie looked good The Dee looked very good Don looked good Spey looked good Findhorn looked good Nairn looked good Alness looked good and the allt grad looked good. Might all be a bit cold but the water looked better...
  10. General Board
    When these first came out they were seen as another leap forward in the salmon fishers armoury. I like others bought one (Guideline TD) and after a half day on the Tay with it found it no better than a hover/sink tip equivalent and promptly sold it on. The finish wasn't anywhere as smooth as...
  11. Picture Gallery
    Heavens to Murgatroyd.....they are flowing thick and fast now. Pictures of salmon fishing on a salmon fishing forum...whatever next. Last one from me. This is definitely a classic, even if not written in an attic. Thanks to all those who took part or who looked in. I think there is still...
  12. General Board
    There was an interesting half hour this afternoon at 3.30pm channel 4 radio, just maybe a glimmer of hope for the younger generation and ones to follow, but for me to late. Its about time somebody stood up and looked at how to feed all those mouths in an alternative way as not to kill off the...
  13. Sage
    I'm sure it's probably been raised before, but I'd interested in any info/advice on lines for Sage Method 12'6" 7wt I've looked at the Rio chart but would like to know what suggestions there are. Thanks in advance PBP
  14. Picture Gallery
    Was out the other day and got this wee fella ;) of hod Was using my nu toy My mate Labman was also out this week and caught a mud skipper :rolleyes::rolleyes: Any guess at the weight :confused::confused: and do you think it looks cleanish . I thought it looked no to bad in the pic...
  15. Classified Wanted
    Clan Cunningham....height 6ft3ins.......waist 40/42ish..... Needed for family function later this year Don't want to hire Can anyone recommend a good kilt maker /supplier please Have looked on Internet but could do with some recommendations please. Would consider second hand in very good...
  16. Reels
    Any member know shop that sells spools for the above reel. Have looked on web and cant find one. Malc
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    The A1M was in a bad state this morning so I decided to take the dodgy road B6270 over the tops to Kirkby Steven First time going over this road and I have to say the Swale looked magnificent. I had no idea the Eden and Swale were so close! Some of the glides and waterfalls were breathtaking and...
  18. General Board
    Can anybody help?? I'm trying to choose the right type of vehicle for being able to go fishing in sleep in for a couple of nights and with lots of ground clearence and perhaps all wheels drive setup that doesn't cost an absolute fortune to run, I've looked at transit vans with all wheel drive...
1-18 of 18 Results