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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    When or if we get a vaccine or those that survive, have immunity from this virus,will it change your life? Will we/you look at life in a different way. Will we no longer take things for granted? Will we no longer see it as a chore to go and visit friends or family? Will we be more appreciative...
  2. Classified Sales
    SOLD 5 maxcatch heads in a head wallet. 650gr, 540gr, 460gr, 380gr, 200gr. 3 30ft lengths of airflo t-tip 2x700gr, 1x200gr spool of black 40lb amnesia A John Norris running line. I’m having a clear out of stuff I no longer need, Everything is either new or only been used a couple of...
  3. Classified Wanted
    Has anybody out there got a Rio Scandi outbound intouch 9/10 38 gram floater 130ft please, it needs to be as new, they no longer require. Or the equivalent Gaelforce. Please PM if you have found one tucked away thats no longer required. Many thanks Nickolas
  4. Classified Sales
    Has any body out there got a Rio Scandi intouch outbound 9-10wt 38gr 130ft floater that they no longer require, it does need to be near new or if not new please. Or equivalent Gaelforce please. Best nickolas
  5. Patterns for other species
    First tie with a wally wing. I think the wings could have been longer.
  6. General Board
    Does anyone have a 850 grain deep water express they would be willing to part with...Must be some Rome croy guys out there no longer needing it... Not wanting a new one as its literally only for 1 or 2 pools fishing for Kings..
  7. Classified Wanted
    Wanted as above please. If anyone has one in excellent condition they no longer have use of and may wish to move on, please pm me. Thanks. Esk1.​
  8. Classified Sales
    Rio grip shooter 35lb No longer required VGC SOLD
  9. Classified Sales
    Rio grip shooter 35lb No longer required VGC £25 posted (uk)
  10. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce ESH #11 42g Floating head Used for 1 day but preferred a different set up so no longer required as new £45 posted (uk)
  11. Classified Sales
    Selling above rod,very nice,easy casting action with loads of power,this is the model with the dog turd as a bottom hand grip,the rods in great condition,comes with rod tube with section dividers ,this rod was tested by T&S in the 14ft length and had a good write up and I can only agree with...
  12. General Board
    Trying to figure out why I am no longer able to post replies to threads. Was it something I said?
  13. News & Features
    Long shot I know but does anyone have a tip section for a Hardy Demon Bait 11’6”? Tried Hardy’s but they no longer have spares! Can’t beat that lifetime guarantee!
  14. General Board
    Couldn't resist posting this cartoon from a Norwegian on-line newspaper. I have added a translation although it is maybe self explanatory. BOX 1 - IF YOU FIRST CATCH A LARGE SALMON LIKE THIS ONE AND INTEND TO RELEASE IT... BOX 2 - IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU DON'T LIFT IT OUT OF THE WATER LONGER...
  15. Off Topic Lounge
    Wait in queue at altitude until your body can no longer take it. No thanks!
  16. Classified Sales
    I'm selling an OPST 300gr head. I'm selling the rod that I bought it for so will no longer need it. SOLD
  17. Shooting Heads
    I recently aquired a 17´rod rated 11/12, finally I might add(been on my want list for years). I plan to use this rod for fishing ”fine and far off”, do some sunk line work and it will also see some long distance hitching. Those of you fishing 17´rods and upwards what are your thoughts when it...
  18. Classified Sales
    Hi Guys, Just before I post this on Ebay I thought I would see if anyone is interested. I have a brand new Lamson Vanquish 7.8 fly reel for sale. This reel has never been used is in its box with papers etc. This is a top reel saltwater proof and with a rock solid drag. These reels are no longer...
  19. Lines
    Can’t find the link to the chart for older rods on the Rio website any longer. ‘Help please.
1-20 of 42 Results