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  1. Methods and Tactics
    Hi fellow fishers. Im new to this forum. Ive been trolling on Loch Ness for the last 6 years. Ive caught lots of Salmon, Ferox Trout, Sea Trout, Brown Trout on the Loch. The method that ive never tried is trolling cured dyed sprats for Salmon. There seems to be very little literature on this...
  2. Video Gallery
    Hello I am going to do some trolling this year and need advise on what tackle. I will be fishing on Faskally and Loch Tay mostly but probably on Loch Lomond as well. I have two Daiwa trolling reels and was wondering what kind of line to put on them? I have been told to use 25 lbs mono but that...
  3. General Board
    Hi Guys is there anyone out there that can give me any info on the Dalmellington or Ness Glen angling clubs on Loch Doon .. Been looking online and asking locals at the loch without success , any help would be appreciated JimD
  4. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    I had the following emailed to me tonight from a pal of mine, indeed it is incredulous that this industry is simply getting away with murder - it just cannot continue in its current form, the numbers being "officially quoted" are beyond belief :help: Click on some of these links to see the...
  5. General Board
    Looking for information on where to launch own boat on loch tay and where to source salmon permits is this possible not much online to help ?
  6. Salt Water Fishing
    Hi All, I'm up in Argyll and Bute - close to Loch Fyne. Does anyone know some rocks or shoreline where it's relatively quiet and I could have a cast for something into a sea loch or the sea- eg Mackerel etc.? Assume you don't need a license?? Cheers, Patrick
  7. Picture Gallery
    Just the one fish today but not a bad one.
  8. General Board
    The club are currently looking at the possibility of Taking a lease on a private Loch in rural Perth shire. We are also looking at the possibility of having a trout Section of the club with a separate membership attached. If anyone would like to register an interest in joining a trout club...
  9. General Board
    One third of Loch Duart's Farmed Salmon stock died in Loch Laxford as a result of disease, suffocation and jelly fish attack in September 2018. It is thought that tens of thousands of fish were killed over a period of about ten days. A spokesperson for Loch Duart Salmon said that it was a...
  10. General Board
  11. General Board
    Hi all, Fished the River Carron a few times but would like to fish Loch Dughaill further upstream, perhaps breaking out the dapping rod! Dapped a few times for trout but never for salmon, it has got to be one of the most exciting and involved ways of fishing! Anyone know if it is possible to...
  12. River Tay
    Does anyone know if you can get a permit to fish from your own boat in Loch Tay or do you have to rent a boat from one of the riparian owners/marinas/Hotel’s etc to be able to fish? Thanks, Davey
  13. General Board
    Evening all. I'm looking to book up a week's fishing on Loch Ness. Today I've been told there's no fishing from a moving boat allowed? Is this true, I can't see any reference to it on the Ness sfb website or on any club website?
  14. General Board
    Hi forum..I have heard of salmon.sea trout..and pike being caught on Loch lomond.but never hear of anybody fishing for it worth trying..many thanks for any advise..FD
  15. Scottish Rivers
    Hi guys, it's nearing my annual pilgrimage up north and I'm staying in invernaver ,can't wait up on the 27th for two weeks cottage next to the Naver which I fished last time I was up it's me and my son this time so plan a bit of everything , from beach/estuary to hopefully salmon or trout last...
  16. General Board
    So, i am up staying in fort Augustus next week and have decided to target Loch Oich/Lochy/Garry/Arkaig and River Oich(also will have a bash on loch Killin hopefully). I'd really like to get into some nice trout and pike, maybe a Salmon(if there's enough water in the Oich?) or even a Ferox. I...
  17. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a 10ft 8 weight rod for rainbows, must be a poker that doesnt cost a fortune many beers made me use the last one as a walking stick last time I was at a loch and it didn't end well...mail me with what you got
  18. Picture Gallery
    I was out for a wee wander (25mls) on Sat and took a few photos but the main question here is, the Picture of the Hydro dam is that a Salmon pass or might it be for Eels or even both ? It was located well into the hills nearly half way between Loch Garry and Loch Ericht (well nearly) ;)
  19. General Board
    Earlier today I noticed an e mail in my inbox from Callander MCDowall which drew attention to a publication written by MJ which supposedly illuminates one to the reasons behind the demise of the seatrout in this Loch. There was a link to Amazon , which I did not follow , instead I deleted the...
  20. General Board
    Loch Awe Fish Farm Escape from yesterday's Oban Times "More than 5,000 fish have escaped from a freshwater trout farm into Loch Awe. A hole in a new net was found on Thursday afternoon during routine weekly checks. Farming director for Dawnfresh Alison Hutchins said it was the site team at...
1-20 of 26 Results