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  1. General Board
    Guys ,buying my first switch rod ,to use as a mini Spey rod ,I tried a friends Guideline Laxa outfit last week ,lovely but a little on the soft side ,was recommended the LPXE V3 ,by my local tackle dealer ,any of ye fish that rod. Anything else I should consider ? Andy
  2. Patterns for other species
    A pattern I hope does well once my local trout water once we are given the nod ...
  3. General Board
    Had a very nice holiday near Inverness way back in the 80s. In conversation with some local anglers they let slip that Sea Trout could be caught on the Black Isle but I'd stand no chance of getting one without a special local home made lure. The most information I could drag out of anyone was...
  4. General Board
    Well, we all do it, peruse the 'titnterweb for a nice new blingy bit of kit, then off the the local Tackle shop and get stuck into the guys ribs for a price match, or so so and so has it in stock now at so much etc, etc. I've moaned about shops closing down, can't make a living, cover...
  5. Classified Wanted
    Has anyone got the above tips, looking for the mint green floater especially, bought the 480 grain head, and running line from a local dealer but unfortunately never got any matching tips and he won't break another set for tips. Thanks.
  6. General Board
    More donated tackle handed in to a local club for the young lads
  7. Rookies Corner
    Hi all, myself and my brother have decided to take up salmon fishing this coming season after spending years fly fishing for trout/grayling, we've joined a local northeast club TAS and can't wait to get out and learn the water we will have access to. I've bought most of the gear I'm going to...
  8. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    An amiable chap fishing the Delnashach water of the Aven came and spoke with myself (Mick)and pal (Brian). It was my pal Willie Forbe's water on the A beat of that river which was not good qual water but was deemed to be the 'assault course' ! He said he would give me his phone number to...
  9. Rod Building
    I have crushed a stripping ring :doh: and would like it replaced to match the manufacturers original finish, its not a rod I want to practice my epoxy skills on! Im located mid Wales and wondered if forum members know of a member reasonably local to me they would recommend carry out the work? I...
  10. General Board
    Just a quickie after Isisalar's reply in the wading jacket thread. I use a waterproof neck pouch for my I phone(I've tested it in a bowl of water 1st before trusting the phone to it!).Yup, you've guessed it being a Tyke full weight mine came from the local £ shop for the heady sum of, £1 !. I...
  11. General Board
    From loop to hook Out for my first day of the season and hooked into this one
  12. Picture Gallery
    Out with the dog and camera along the banks of the Findhorn last night and was called upon to net a fish for a local member. Managed a couple of shots before it was returned.
  13. General Board
    Aberlour on the Spey has landed it first fish for 2019. Caught by Scott Mellis a very capable young local angler 7lb on the fly today.Well done that man
  14. General Board
    Have found this very useful the last few years. British sub aqua club chart showing Springs and Neaps for the whole year. Obviously checking the exact details on a local tide table is necessary but I've found it very useful for planning trips in advance. Meet Google Drive - One place for all...
  15. General Board
    I am left-handed and wind my fly reels with my right. I notice however that many (the majority it seems) right handed members of my local club wind with their right hand. Is this just local to my area? I would imagine that for most the greatest effort in playing a fish would fall to your rod...
  16. Scottish Rivers
    The first river to open on the 11th January 2019 and as far as I know the usual free days apply as in previous years. If the weather is kind then always the chance of bar of silver. Your chance to give the local economy a big boost if staying for a few days. Be quick as accommodation is limited...
  17. Picture Gallery
    Managed a couple of fish yesterday of the clyde but that wasn't the highlight of my day:nod: Witnessed the take, fight then landed this cracker for a local angler! Cracker:thumb:
  18. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Regardless of the vast array of modern salmon fly patterns in my box, I still don’t think the good old GBWG hairwing will be beaten! Tied these up just now for a day on my local spate river!! ...... water has finally arrived! Happy days....
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Given the variegated weather of this year’s winter , spring , and summer , and also a complete loss of interest in salmon fishing , I’m considering getting a day boat in time for next spring. Fiberglass, with permanent cuddy , shallow draft , outboard ( which must be able to propel the boat...
  20. Sea Trout Fishing
    hes selling instructor flylines for £15 i find them good for the sea trout in my local river 400 Bad Request
1-20 of 40 Results