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  1. Classified Wanted
    If anyone has 1 of these lines in vg condition and willing to sell please let me know. Thanks
  2. Shooting Heads
    I came across these Rio line products on Sportfish site , the appearance is identical and the only difference on the wording is the word Body , the lines have a different spec, if using Rio tips which of these lines gives is a better overall balance , or can they be used on both ,
  3. General Board
    Bought this line recently used it no more than half a dozen times, it's full of cracks already. Should I bin it or take my chances? Has anyone had any similar problems with lines.
  4. Classified Sales
    have 3 of these lines brand new in box looking for £30 for each of these lines if you want the 3 would do them for £80 sold
  5. General Board
    We are all sat here wishing the bad times away, hoping that we can get back at the fishing soon. The thread on Game Changers got me thinking about my early days and my first efforts at fishing a sunk line and a deeply sunk flee. I've had a good think(as it was a long time ago) about my early...
  6. Fly Rods
  7. Rookies Corner
    I am new to salmon fishing but had a week on the Findhorn which prompted my Ebay purchases of a Shakespeare Skagit 12'9" 9# and a Loomis NRX 14' 9/10#. The only line I have is the Airflo Rage Shooting Head in 9/10# (the kit comes with 3 x 12’ tips - floating, intermediate and fast sinking). I...
  8. Classified Sales
    Have the following lines for sale they are used but in good nick, lot's of life left in them the welded loops are good shape. Gaelforce 27grams ESSS 7/8 Gaelforce 30grams ESSS 8/9 RIO Switch Chucker no.8 Looking for £95 for the above 3 x lines well worth that. Includes Postage to Ireland or...
  9. Classified Sales
    I have 2 new lines for sale,test cast only. EIH 10# 39g float ESSS 9/10 33 g float. £45 + post each. Lines SOLD pending.Thanks for all the replies.
  10. Others
    Hi when I was a lad there were only 4 lines in your arsenal a fast sinker. Sinker. sink tip and a full floater nowdays ther,s that many makes of lines and millions of tips aswell I have been using Rio and airflo rage lines what lines do you use and what benefits do you get on new lines. To...
  11. Airflo
    Anybody used this rod? Any advice on lines to suit it
  12. General Board
    Are there any decent multi tip scandi fly lines out there? I am looking something which goes down to a sink 3 or sink 5, but with an interchangeable tip to change it to a full floater etc. I am not looking a Skagit Kit as I am not a fan of waterbourne anchor casts. So please! Any good scandi...
  13. Lines
    Hi all, I will be fishing the East Ranga in July with 14' 9# (Turner & Turner) and 15' 10# (Fulling Mill) rods. The advice in the booking information says "Given the nature of the river we recommend that you take at least an intermediate line and a sink tip. Fully sinking lines can be useful on...
  14. Spey Lines
    A Kiwi on seeing my Carron Jetstream staggered - too orange ! Then collapsed when shown an ivory/white Rio Longcast. In NZ those would send fish back to sea or cause them to scatter at least. Even over broken , turbid water they spook fish, before one smacks them onto the surface. ''Bin 'em or...
  15. Classified Sales
    Two lines for sale,seen very little use. Gailforce Integrated ,intermediate head ,39g . £42 posted. Gaiforce Speyline 54’ 10# 42grams £47 posted. Boxed...
  16. Spey Lines
    I have recently been experimenting with full Spey lines and didn`t realize how enjoyable they are to cast! I like the way they unroll with a nice tight v loop "great fun".
  17. General Board
    Hi Guys, last week I was reading the thread on the USK seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know why or where its gone. Tight lines to everyone for the 2020 season
  18. Classified Sales
    I have a number of Monteith Multi main lines in 9/10 sinking and 10/11 floating. I bought them when Jock sold them off for the tips which I have long since distributed. Anyone interested, just add your own tips. £12 posted each line on original spool and box.
  19. Vendor Deals
    See the advert below for more details. I use these lines myself quality made in china From a factory that produces for some of the big UK tackle firms surprise surprise. £7.50 posted or £5 collection Perth area.
  20. Lines
    I have a veritable forest of 11' - 11'6" single handers from wieghts 4 - 9 and all of them although not sold as switch rods have short extension handles. So I'm wondering which of the switch lines might be best on one of them. I've been looking at the Snowbee, Shakespeare and Barrio switch...
1-20 of 282 Results