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  1. General Board
    It maybe the nice spring weather we’ve been having or the reduced levels of pollution at the moment but has anyone else noticed an increased level of fly life around? I’ve had swarms of hopper looking flys in my garden over the past week that I’ve never noticed before and while walking the dog...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    When or if we get a vaccine or those that survive, have immunity from this virus,will it change your life? Will we/you look at life in a different way. Will we no longer take things for granted? Will we no longer see it as a chore to go and visit friends or family? Will we be more appreciative...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    How would you rate your concerns and personal impact CV19 outbreak is having on your life?
  4. General Board
    Of fish and foe on bbc Scotland tonight @21:45: A family of salmon fisherman battle with activists to save their traditional way of life. Is this an this old thing I’ve missed? If it is a reminder to anyone else....I can’t take anymore only fools and horses on gold?
  5. Picture Gallery
    This one from the Northie today. Isn't life good? ? ? ? ?
  6. New Member Introductions
    I'm a newbe here but I grassed my first salmon on July 14 1977 (Bastille day). I only caught 9 salmons in all my life and I expect to catch more in the future with the help of your advices.
  7. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Always meant to tie this fly after seeing it on here a few years ago.
  8. General Board
    There has been much discussion on the return rate of smolts and influences at sea. I have just read an interesting article by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust on smolts from the river Frome. Instead of just counting the smolts, they measured the length and have now shown that only 2% of...
  9. General Board
    My wife, God bless her soul, has just bought me an inflatable life jacket. While obviously concerned for my well-being, the life jacket effectively stops me getting access to all the pockets in my fishing vest and/or waterproof jacket. In addition, any flies with treble hooks attached to the...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Stuff yer footie, snooker and all that garbage,it just a load of Balls!(well it is isn't it!). As we speak in garages and workshops through out the country and even world wide, outrageously powerful 4 stroke Motorcycles are barking into life, spitting flame and being pre pared for the greatest...
  11. Jackets
    I’ve spent a few days digging around the net comparing auto-inflate life jackets and to say it’s hard to compare is an understatement! I noticed one or two specifically stated they were shorter for wading to avoid accidental inflation which concerns me that others not specifically designed for...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    There are some threads on this forum that are timeless and are always evolving and moving forward with no dispute, debate or animosity...which is good ? we have some great threads such as "Mac D's Jukebox" and 1 or 2 others, I thought that I would have a bash at starting 1 based...
  13. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi I was given a few bottle tubes by a friend (see image) and made them up. However, I can't for the life of me find a tube to fit over the hook end....or am I missing something?
  14. Classified Sales
    Salmologic short-cut head 24grams float/int/sink4. Used once so in as new condition. 2 salmologic leaders sink4. Never used. Running line to match the short-cut head well used but still pleanty of life left. will also throw in a caimore voodoo running line that was test cast. £50 posted for...
  15. Other.
    Hi all together, I am on the search for a small and easy wearing life jacket. Already have one for any circumstances in boats sport, but it’s way too heavy and uncomfortable for river fishing and speycasting. After some research I bought a Restube, a compact floatable help to wear around the...
  16. General Board
    It happens every year and why we should wear a life vest when fishing. Looks like another tragedy on the Oykel. Lairg search resumes for elderly fisherman - BBC News
  17. Picture Gallery
    Hi guys...just joined up and hoping that some of you may offer me some support by liking my fish of a life time catch on the might river Tay in Scotland....26 Lb Atlantic Salmon Iain McLaren caught this stunning Salmon from the Stobhall beat of the River Tay on a 40g Silver/Copper Toby style...
  18. Reels
    I have googled this until almost to the point of being accused of having an affair because I am on the internet too much! I have an 8/9 reel and looking to buy a spare spool but for the life of me cannot find one. Anyone know of a likely place to look? Thanks :help:
  19. Classified Sales
    Selling my last Patagonia waders. Size M- long (sized very similar to Simms). Foot 10/11. They have been used about 30 times, so still have a lot of life. No problems with water here. £95. I have more pics on request. Thanks.
  20. General Board
    1stly,mods please feel free to re- locate if this is in the wrong place. 2ndly,ever one to put the boot in!,lol. Bored ,lousy weather and my day off, perusing the Simms on line catalogue. Now this bits directed at every one who's contemplated/contemplating a Folding wading staff, in particular...
1-20 of 29 Results