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  1. General Board
    In England and Wales all anglers are supposed to buy a rod licence for their fishing from the Environment Agency or Natural Resources Wales (the EA sell licences for Wales on behalf of NRW). Once upon a time I could have understood why Sea Trout and Salmon anglers paid more for the rod licence...
  2. General Board
    Anglers, clubs and fishery managers urged to use review to get cormorants on the General Licence - The Angling Trust
  3. General Board
    Thought my licence must be due for renewal soon but hadn't seen any e-mail about it. Managed to dig my licence out of my wallet and found that it had expired on 22nd April (and the previous year's licence expired 22nd May meaning I had an overlap of 1 month !). I thought that the EA would...
  4. General Board
    I fished a private stretch of Ericht just near Blairgowrie. They had water above the road bridge, and also some below the town. I think they went bust a few years ago. Any one know if this has opened again for day tickets ? And where do I get licence ?
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    I have a small river through my garden and own all rights to fishing &c along that stretch. Just upstream where a neighbour owns 1m back from he bank, there was a collapse last year and he now has just 20cm! The bank had been undermined - partially by current but maybe by something else...
  6. General Board
    Fair EA rod licensing Coarse licence is £30 fishing up to 2 rods , so £30 x 2 @£60 :thumb: Then, how about ? Reduce The salmon licence £82 to £60 :thumb: Concessionary £54 to £30 :thumb: This would still increase income for the EA by a very large margin , as there are far more coarse...
  7. General Board
    I just recently moved into a new area, (a street close to bonners bar in ballybofey/stranorler or whatever) and I discovered a river in a walkway. It had a sign on a few trees "B&S Angling, Members only" I'm wondering what do I need to do. A licence? I am under 18 so it may be cheaper. Also...
1-7 of 7 Results