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  1. General Board
    Keep noticing these little parasites on fish predominantly sea trout, but lice I’ve seen before have tails ? Any idea what they are ?
  2. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Another PR piece in today's Herald. Mike The health and welfare of farmed Scottish salmon improved dramatically last year, according to an industry body. Sea lice infestations, which had threatened the reputation of the world-renowned product, reached their lowest levels for six years in 2018...
  3. General Board
    Got an e-mail from one of the ghillies I fish with on the Naver, and the first springer came off there today. The pool was Potato Park which is the second pool down on beat 6, the lowest beat, and along with beat 5 the best early beat. The fish had no lice, but was said to be a very fine 16...
  4. Picture Gallery
    One from the Shin this afternoon. Brand spanking new with long tailed lice. :)
  5. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Yet another Herald story on salmon farms......getting a fair bit of publicity now. Mike SALMON farmers have insisted a highly-critical report which claimed the industry's expansion could cause "irrecoverable damage" to the environment is not fully backed up by the facts. A Holyrood committee...
  6. Picture Gallery
    First time out on the Don near Kemnay this morning for a few hours. Very pleased to manage a modest result. No sea lice, been in for probably a week or so. t.c.
  7. General Board
    Tomorrow’s edition 20 April from 12.15 is doing a feature on sea lice problems and Salmon farming. Should be interesting ......
  8. General Board
    Any thoughts on this. Or what can be done to get rid of these lice ridden disease ridden cesspools. Salmon are on the Brink.
  9. News & Features
    The "shields" made from a permeable fabric are 20' wide and are located in the top half of the pens. They are supposed to let water and oxygen in but keep sea lice and other natural threats out. The trials have shown that sea lice levels have remained below an industry good practice threshold...
  10. General Board
    Now theres a proper springer obviously having a wee rest on its way to the Loch. 27lbs of solid muscle and still with a few Long Tailed Lice I believe. For those with facebook a video of the tussle is there to view. A proper fish !!!!!
  11. General Board
    A new study commissioned by S & T Conservation Scotland looked at all available data and up to date information has confirmed the major damage being caused by salmon aquaculture by high concentrations of sea lice around salmon farms. The study was carried out by Norwegian scientists who have...
  12. General Board
    do sea lice affect other species of fish than salmon I ask because I have done a fair bit of sea fishing from a boat and from shore and have never had any fish with lice.If they are as harmfull to salmon/sea trout why is it never mentioned
  13. News & Features
    Checked yahoo just now and this appeared might make the public think about sea lice Scottish salmon sold to UK supermarkets '''riddled with lice'''
  14. General Board
    Programme dipping in and out of the truth behind farmed salmed. Just covering the sea lice problem and discussed the infamous "Thermolicer". They are going to discuss other methods of lice control. Will be interesting to see how this programme develops.....................:rolleyes:
  15. General Board
    Food unwrapped on Ch4 about salmon farming and the lice issues on now!
  16. General Board
    Sea lice from intensive salmon farms reduce wild salmon runs by up to 50% After 26 years of monitoring wild Atlantic salmon runs/populations from Ireland"s River Erriff a major scientific study has revealed futher evidence of the impact of intensive farmed salmon. The study has been hailed as a...
1-16 of 16 Results