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  1. Northern European Style Patterns
    Here´s few more.. with Monkey wing. I use these in Northern- Norway in summer, when water is on the normal level. Two kinda Samurais, and close up for the body color set up, which has worked really well
  2. General Board
    Hi, what are some brands/models of powerful rods similar to the Daiwa Wilderness WN150113. Been looking for one of these for ages with no luck. Any other older rods had that level of stiffness/power? Or even current models that aren’t too expensive. Weight not so much of an issue as it’s to...
  3. Skagit Lines
    Hey Guys, For any skagit work I have used I have mainly used Rio Intouch Level T material and cut it down to length and loop. However, I see rio now have out extra long mow tips in 15ft length for T11, T14 and T17. Are mows tapered? Or are they level straight through?
  4. General Board
    Over the years I have met salmon anglers who could catch fish in a drain.......great casters, read the water better than most and killer flies and gear. If there was an aspect of salmon fishing that you would like to learn or improve to take it to the next level what would it be for you? Mike
  5. General Board
    Hope plenty of you guys and girls on here have pledged your support for this - we need better representation at a national level and coming under the SGA umbrella has to be a good thing! Scottish Gamekeepers Association News River Tay Ghillies Association Scotland. Glasgow Angling Centre
  6. Classified Wanted
    Airflo appear to be sold out of their 30ft reels of 350 grain level tungsten (T.11 equivalent). They have stock of the heavier variants (500+). Does anybody have a spare pack of the 350 or 400g variety; or a supply of straight T.11 ? I need enough for a couple of 10-15 ft tips. Any...
  7. Spinning
    I've recently acquired an Abu 6501 multi and noticed it puts slightly more line on one side of the spool than the other. Is there anything that can be done to correct this, (apart from removing the level wind)! It doesn't say anything in the manual.
  8. General Board
    now I know febs are out of control but this...... it's on another level how can this go on in 10 years from now there will be nothing left ??? April fools day. Loughs agency are the real fools, our rivers are destroyed. Invasive species are on you Loughs Agency.
1-8 of 8 Results