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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Hello Chaps, This weekend I am topping up my flies box for when we get back fishing. Was going to start with Sunray Shadows. What length of body to overall length do you use? Plus lengths do you tie? How hig and small would you dare to go? Interested to see what you do and your opinion.
  2. General Board
    I am looking for arctic runner in 5 or 6 inch lengths . Cam someone suggest the best place to get it. Or an alternative... Thanks
  3. Spey Lines
    Hi Has anyone tried the latest Carron floating lines looking at 9/10 weight 55 ft , any ideas if the head weights and lengths have been sorted Thank you O.r.s
  4. General Board
    A while back someone put up a link or recommended a supplier of T 14 material in 30 ft lengths if I remember correctly. Can't find it on a search, could anyone point me in the right direction please?
  5. General Board
    I was reading through some old forum content this afternoon and came across a poll regarding rod lengths. Rod Length I just thought it would be interesting to see what angler's preferred rod lengths were 10 years on. I've added in a section for Switch rods.
  6. Spinning
    Some more home made Metal Lip Swimmers. The longest is four inches.All with rattles.
  7. Rookies Corner
    I got a vision ace multi tip line today, the tips have slightly different lengths which im not sure about the floater is 15ft the intermediate is 15,6 and the sinker 16ft. Can anyone advise me why this is? Thanks Al Eta I have other multi tips but they are all the same length tips.... Al
  8. Rookies Corner
    I got given a bunch of braided tips various densities and lengths im wondering if anyone uses them, would they be used the same as a polytip. Thanks Al
  9. Skagit Lines
    I wrapped my 20ft T14 tip round stones on the Tay and shredded it quite badly.I've still 5ft,10ft and 15ft in T 14 left as well as T 11 in various lengths and T 17,T18 and T 20 also in various lengths. Now I don't use Skagit all that often at all so do you think its worth re-placing?.I also...
  10. General Board
    Just wondering if anyone has any idea where you can buy lengths of level tungsten leader as I want to have a go at making my own poly leaders in various lengths. I seem to remember someone on here selling it but a search of the forum doesn't throw up anything.
1-10 of 10 Results