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  1. General Board
    This piece of branch appeared over the winter in my river. It is no size at all and might be 2 inches thick at its thickest point. I had a sit down by the river yesterday evening and could not believe the amount of juvenile fish life under this one small branch. A whole variety of sizes from...
  2. Rookies Corner
    What tippet material do people use? Interested in length and breaking strain. Is fluorocarbon the best option?
  3. Fly Tying Topics
    When dressing a on hook say a double, i use the normal hack length for tips for touch the points of hook. What length do you use? For tube fly with hackle what length hackle do you use?
  4. Classified Sales
    Brand new airflo rage compact float unused in snap lock pocket Length 32ft/9.8m 660 grains *SOLD*
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Hello Chaps, This weekend I am topping up my flies box for when we get back fishing. Was going to start with Sunray Shadows. What length of body to overall length do you use? Plus lengths do you tie? How hig and small would you dare to go? Interested to see what you do and your opinion.
  6. General Board
    Hi - I'm fairly OK caster and don't like the stripping of fishing a head and want to change to mid length line - some people online are very polarized that a full line fishes better - is this correct ?
  7. Skagit Lines
    Hey Guys, For any skagit work I have used I have mainly used Rio Intouch Level T material and cut it down to length and loop. However, I see rio now have out extra long mow tips in 15ft length for T11, T14 and T17. Are mows tapered? Or are they level straight through?
  8. General Board
    Do you get tapered T tips in 15ft lengths ? I know the mow tips are tapered and they only got to 12.5ft . Actually are there full t tips tapered i know the ones with a floating section are but now i think about it are the full length Tungsten mow tips tapered ? In your opinion would a tapered T...
  9. General Board
    Looking to replace 3/4 length jacket which I mostly use for boat fishing. I've previously had a hardy ews which lasted about 5 seasons and was wondering what else was on offer.
  10. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Just wondering what rod set up people prefer for the boyne in terms of length and aftm etc?
  11. General Board
    Hi Guys, Looking for some recommendations for a 42g floating shooting head, prefer head length of around 40' Cheers!
  12. Skagit Lines
    Hi In preparation for the new season I'm going to team up my 11' #7/8 shakespeare Oracle switch with a skagit for windy conditions. I've been using skagits on my full blown salmon rods for a season without problems but I'm unsure of length and weight for the shaky switch My initial thoughts are...
  13. Classified Wanted
    Does anyone have an Alan Maughan (springer) custom rod that they want to part with. These were 13'3" in length. Regards BW
  14. Picture Gallery
    A 3 kg Chum Salmon from the River Quatse near Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. Caught on a marabou stinger fly tied on a Waddington Shank connected to a 10 ft length of T17 connected to Rio 8# SSVT body and a 11ft Switch Rod.
  15. Classified Sales
    As above, 9/10 weight, unwanted gift, brand new, never even been test cast. Complete with full guarantee. A beautiful rod but not a size that I would use. Overall length in case is 86cms. Price from Sharpes is £385. Looking for £285 including UK postage. No offers. Now sold.
  16. New Member Introductions
    I've searched the forum for an answer to this but if it's already been answered then please re-direct me. Has anyone got a method of guaging the amount of backing used from a large spool? Say I have a 300yd spool (or any given length) of Gel Spun backing and i want to put, for example, 150 or...
  17. Classified Sales
    AS ABOVE Sink Tip -------------- 0/1 Weight ---------------30gm #9 Length ----------------9 mtr's BOXED AS NEW SOLD NOW-thanks for the interest- Victor Wallace
  18. General Board
    Just wondering what others use as their setup end of spring into summer. Do you for example use full floating line with sinking poly leader or intermediate. And what length of nylon or fluorocarbon? Are droppers a good idea at this time?
  19. North American Fly Patterns
    I havn,t been at the vice for a while so tied a few of these today for when this snow melts. Around 3 inches total length.
  20. Classified Sales
    The lines have been spooled but not used, they are boxed and guaranteed to be like new. 8/9 Floater in two tone yellow. Head length 52' total length 115' 9/10 Floater head is white, rear is a reddish orange colour. Head length is 52' total length 120' These lines were supplied with 4 tips each...
1-20 of 37 Results