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  1. General Board
    I’m after acquiring the above line . 460gr 30g. Just wondering is it suitable for the 12 ‘ cross s1 and will i need a tip with it or can i attach the leader straight to it
  2. General Board
    I was hoping someone would give me advise on using tapered leaders. I currently use 15lb straight through and thought it may improve my presentation. Never used one before and not sure how to get the best out of them. sort of things i'm not sure about. Which make would you recommend Do I add a...
  3. Rookies Corner
    Leaders used to made form drawn horse tail hair. There was no transparency in these. With all the things that float past a salmon while in the river I doubt if a leader is going to cause them much concern, unless of course someone has been dragging stuff across their backs. If the argument is...
  4. Trout Fishing
    Hi all, Can you help a relative newbie please? I'm confused! I don't know what kind of line I should stick on my reel when spinning for trout. I'd read a lot about braid being tough and sensitive so I thought I'd pop some braid on there. Now I'm being told I should use fluorocarbon whilstst...
  5. Shooting Heads
    Just invested in a Gaelforce EMT 9/10 Multi-Tip for my 14ft'er Can't find any advice if you need or recommend to use a Polyleader (or Versi leader etc ) on the end of the 15ft kit tip before your mono is looped on?
  6. General Board
    For a while now, been using various tapered leaders in my Salmon fishing.The bain perhaps in their use is how one fix's the leader to the fly line.The knot formed in making a loop is always a concern,so is the damage that can be inflicted by the nylon loop on pre formed fly line loops. Now seen...
  7. Classified Wanted
    I'm looking for some Gudebrod 35lb Braided Butt Leader for making braided loops, if you have any surplus to requirements or would be willing to sell a couple of yards please let me know Thanks
  8. General Board
    Even in these ever more trying times, just maybe we all have that little something that makes a difference for us, keeps us fishing, does the job effectively, make's what you do just that bit easier. For me I would have said a few years back the good old 10ft set of poly tips. However now I've...
  9. Faults & Cures
    I went out for a cast with my switch rod today when casting of my right shoulder everything is fine, but when I swapped to my left shoulder the last 2/3ft of the leader is landing to the left not straight. I've noticed this on occasions with other rods when using my right shoulder but not...
  10. Swap Shop
    I'd like to SWAP my above line Salmologic Head (as new condition ) Density Floating Line Weight. 24gm Length 9.2 mtrs/ 30.2 feet Including Intermediate matching leader For SAME IN 28gm Victor Wallace
  11. General Board
    During the recent dry spell, my favourite single-hand rod fishing for grilse was futile. Then I found an alternative use for the outfit. Pigeons have been perching on my roof ridge and leaving droppings on the conservatory. Nothing seemed to deter them, reflectors, kites etc. So I set up my...
  12. General Board
    Does anyone know where I could get some 'Bass Tapered Leaders'? Whilst trout fishing a couple of weeks ago, I met a chap who uses these leaders. He said they are around 15 foot long & you just cut out the leader length you need & then add about 6 ft of tippet. Apparently he gets them from...
  13. Spinning
    If spinning with braid is it necessary to have a mono leader.
  14. Rookies Corner
    Hi guys, Iv used maxima in the past but have gone off the stuff. Too stiff and bulky in my view. What is the best leader material from this list for clear water salmon fishing? Fishing Lines, Leaders, Tippet, Mono and Fluorocarbon Shop Also any opinions for dry fly fishing which is best mono...
  15. General Board
    Never used these before so here is a couple of stupid questions. 1.Are these leaders to go straight on to the fly line? 2.Is the main purpose of these leaders for turnover and presentation. 3.Assuming you change your fly multiply times per day it's not going be long before your leader shortens...
  16. Rookies Corner
    Does it matter what way you tie on a up eyed hook? If so what's the best way/knot?
  17. Rookies Corner
    This may be helpful (from the web). During the spring when you are fishing a large fly deep in the water, there should be no reason to go below 15lb nylon (heavier if using fluorocarbon). During low water in the summer months when fishing a relatively small river with few snags and a fairly...
  18. Rookies Corner
    Question asked by me! Explained by Dexter - Polyleader's are plastic coated nylon tapered and impregnated with a lead or tungsten to make them sink at various rates,tapered leaders are just nylon or similar tapered(not coated).
  19. Classified Sales
    I have 7 leaders which have been mostly used but not abused although I have a couple which are still in the packets. They are a mix of airflo , Gaelforce and a Rio.will throw in a leader wallet to fit them. Looking for £27.50 posted first class.
  20. Rookies Corner
    Would it be worth the effort to make tips out of old/cheap trout lines to use as a polytip type leader? Thanks Al
1-20 of 28 Results